Langford on Soaps: Out Actor Tim Campbell Fired from “House Husbands”


Plus, Christmas Day brings us a new gay on EastEnders, Finn’s sexuality is revealed on Emmerdale and John Paul discovers bondage on Hollyoaks. Also, Felix and Brad get in the mood on General Hospital.

Langford’s picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

What went down last week?

Joscha’s brother Lukas tried to deal with his knee injury with painkillers. When an addicted Lukas asks Kai to prescribe him some powerful drugs, Kai refuses.

Joscha realized he had to stop acting so uneasy around an openly gay Kai because it was only raising suspicions about his own sexuality. Later, Joscha ran into Kai and his father having coffee, where he found out that David had helped Kai get the job at the Centre. Joscha hung around to spend some time with Kai. Kai and Joscha’s coffee date ended in a kiss, but when Joscha saw his soccer teammates approaching, he shoved Kai and accused him of sexual harassment.

Honestly, at the end of this clip, I was ready to turn off the TV and never watch this show again. I simply can no longer watch gay men being abusive to their lovers. It is a plot device that I find unacceptable and it’s difficult for me to watch the relationship going forward once you have brought violence into the mix. I’m sure Kai and Joscha will kiss and make up, this is just the start of their love story, but I ask myself why would Kai, seemingly out and proud, put up with abuse, either physical or verbal from a guy that he just met and barely knows? Yes, I know if Kai walked away there would be no story, but to me, there’s nothing that special about Joscha or their relationship that would warrant Kai tolerating being treated so poorly.

I really, really wish shows would just stop with the violence between male lovers. Nearly every gay couple on soaps have had at some point, the lovers attacking each other. It’s become a trope and it needs to stop. If shows want to send a positive message to gay stories, end this particular plot point. But with that said, for the first time I saw some chemistry between Joscha and Kai. Too bad it was squashed by Joscha’s violent tirade.

I thought it was interesting that the show’s recap of previous episodes included a steamy clip of Joscha and Kai in the shower that did not air in the episode where that scene took place. It makes you wonder what was left on the cutting room floor. And as I’ve said before, I love that this show is so shameless in showing off its male stars bodies. The scene of Lukas and Kai in the locker room where Lukas stands around in a pair of very brief boxers was so gratuitous, but nevertheless welcome.

I thought the scene of the guys dancing around in high heels was adorable. But would Joscha, who is so touchy about his sexuality, readily agree to do such a thing? I don’t believe he would. But as the scene was played for laughs, I guess Joscha’s deep-seated internal homophobia would have ruined the joke.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

That Todd is such a little manipulator and it was fun watching him play mind games with folks. Now, I don’t like Sean at all, but even I felt sorry for him as Todd held out the promise of a relationship, when he clearly has no intention of there ever being anything between them.

The scene with Todd and Marcus as Todd diffused Marcus’ anger about Todd telling Julie the truth about Brian was also nicely done. However, that ‘girlfriend’ bit at the end was really weird, out of place and seemed out of character.

Now putting aside Todd’s real motivation in destroying Brian and Julie’s relationship, Todd was right in that Julie did need to be told the truth and Brian was too much of a coward to do so, lying to her and doing things to destroy her dreams behind her back. Secretly telling the fostering agency that he didn’t want to foster a child, was particularly cruel, I think. And unforgivable.

I don’t see how they can come back from this. It’s not just the lies, it’s the fact that Julie wants kids and Brian does not. That’s not something you can compromise on. It’s rather black and white, you either do it or you don’t. My guess is Brian takes that job in Wales and he and Julie are done. Frankly, she’s better off without him, IMO.

I did love Todd checking out Marcus’ butt as he walked away in the bar and later, flirting with Marcus right in front of both Sean and Maria. Maria didn’t pick up on it, but Marcus sure did. And so it begins….

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Why is Adrienne still apologizing for not wanting Will and Sonny together?

Will assuming his mom was throwing him a surprise party was so contrived and having Sonny eavesdrop is even more so. I know the show had to find a way for Sonny to find out about the murder, but it was a lame ass way to do it. Though the texting back and forth was cute and I loved the shocked and horrified looks on Sonny’s face as he overheard the whole mess. But Sonny holding up a coat when Sami opened the closet door? Really, Days. But I appreciate that the show is playing a lot of this for laughs as the story is pretty ridiculous.

But I found Sami and Kate’s fawning all over Sonny as he listened to be nauseating. We get it show, they are the perfect couple and Sonny is the perfect boyfriend. Zzzzzz…….

I do like Will and Sonny’s efforts to hook the ever charming T up. Let’s get him a story and a romance, stat!

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

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