Langford on Soaps: Ryan Carnes Returns as Lucas on “General Hospital”


Will Sonny tell Will what he knows about Sami, Gabi, and Kate?

Days of our Lives: Will and Sonny grow more and more suspicious about Gabi, Kate and Sami’s odd behavior and become determined to find out what they are up to. Eventually, both Will and Sonny are led to believe that the ladies are making plans for Will’s upcoming birthday party.

Will is relieved that it’s not something more serious, but Sonny wants to know the details about the party, so when he finds out that ladies are getting together at he and Will’s apartment, Sonny hides in the closet to eavesdrop. But instead of Will’s party, Gabi, Kate and Sami have met touch base and get their stories together in regards to Nick’s murder. So Sonny hears the entire story and finds out exactly what the women did. Sonny is shocked and wonders where he should tell Will what he’s learned.

EastEnders: Danny is shocked when Janine unexpectedly fires him…

How will Julian feel when he finds out he has a son… and that he’s gay?

General Hospital: Robin wants her husband back and goes to Sabrina to convince her to step aside so her family can be reunited. When Felix finds out that Robin has been pressuring his BFF to give up on Patrick, you can bet Felix won’t be too happy. Meanwhile, Carly becomes worried about Lucas when Sam tells her that mob boss Julian is curious about where his long lost son may be. Together with Bobbie, they wonder if Lucas should know the truth about his bio-dad.

Hollyoaks: George is happy after Chloe helps to stage a protest in Vincent’s honor, but the event leads to complications that lands someone in the hospital.

Nashville: Will struggles to control the scheming of his girlfriend Layla and his feelings for Brent, but as this show comes to its fall finale, someone is going to die. And Will is on the list of possible victims. Be sure not to miss the last five minutes…

Can Iolo help save Christmas?

People of the Valley: Iolo and his dad get shocking news about the town’s nativity scene…

Is Will ready to face losing his dad?

River City: As Edward’s condition worsens, Will faces the reality that his father is going to die a painful death. Facing what’s ahead, Edward meets with his lawyer and puts his affairs in order, including hatching a plan with his attorney to help Edward to die via a lethal dose of insulin. Edward’s attorney warns Edward that Will should know the truth, but Edward refuses. Later that day, Robbie is horrified to find Edward in a coma.


We reported a few months back that the role of Lucas Jones on General Hospital had been cast, but the show wasn’t ready to announce who was playing the part of the gay doctor. But now they have. Soaps In Depth reports that Ryan Carnes will be reprising the role. Longtime viewers might recall that Carnes played Lucas in 2004 when the character was SORASed to an adult, but left the role after the show announced they were going to have Lucas come out of the closet.

At the time sources close to the show told TV Guide that Carnes had decided to leave because having played gay characters before in Desperate Housewives and in the gay indie movie Eating Out, the actor was afraid of being typecast. However, Carnes’ representatives strongly denied the rumors. No word on when Lucas will first appear on our screens, but it can’t be soon enough!

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