Langford on Soaps: Secrets Revealed on “Corrie” and “Hollyoaks” and “General Hospital”


Plus, Declan plots against Finn on Emmerdale, Joscha is attacked on All That Matters and there’s another disastrous party on Revenge.

Langford on Soaps

All That Matters (Germany)

Last week…

The big soccer tournament happens and a pro scout shows up to take a look at Joscha, making him hesitate on coming out. Kai is furious and the two of them fight and break up. Later though, Kai admits to Joscha that he loves him and wants to stay with him no matter what. Spurred on by Kai’s words, Joscha wins the tournament nearly single-handedly and is offered a pro contract. He is so excited about the events that he kisses Kai with everyone and the press watching…..

So Joscha is finally out. Oh well. I could be more excited about the whole story — if I hadn’t seen it all before. This pretty much plays out like the Christian and Olli coming out drama did a few years back, complete with Christian kissing Olli with the world watching and the camera swirling around them. I wonder if the writers and producers have any shame about pretty much copying that previous storyline.

Frankly though I was more interested in what really wasn’t addressed in this whole storyline: Joscha and Raquel’s marriage. Joscha hadn’t bothered to tell Raquel about his decision to come out, which was stupefying to me. Not only that, Joscha and Raquel really didn’t talk about how this is going to affect their marriage, nor did Joscha or Kai seem all that concerned that the marriage could be deemed fraudulent, Raquel could be sent back to Cuba and Joscha arrested. None of this was discussed when this should have been front and center in the storyline. It’s almost as if the writers were determined to have Joscha come out now so they ignored ‘little’ details like the plot they’d constructed.

The question is what happens now that Joscha is out? I’m sure the writers will come up with a way to keep Raquel in the country despite the sham marriage. But those details should not have been ignored just so the show could focus on the romance of Joscha coming out.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

Meh, not much to say here. I really wish there was more of an emotional attachment between Marcus and Todd or that we saw Marcus struggling with his desire for Todd and his relationship with Maria. Everybody is just going through the motions without any real weight to the story. There should be a lot more emotion and depth and heart to the story but instead is just people saying the words and we’re left to figure out what anybody’s motivation is. Shame because this could have been so much more.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I did like the ‘blow up in your face’ scenes between Sonny and Nick. And I liked the scenes between Victor and Sonny where they trashed Nick, but why can’t Sonny and Victor embark on a scheme to get rid of Nick? I’m gonna keep saying things like this until they give these gay boys something of substance to do. Like Victor pointed out, Nick isn’t going anywhere and you have to get rid of your enemies.

Sami and Adrienne going over the ugly family history of wedding at their respective mansions was fun. But what happened to the good old soap days when mothers manipulated and schemed to control their kids’ lives? I miss those days… and they weren’t that long ago. It’s really out of character for Sami to be against the wedding and not take steps to end it. And I really hate that Adrienne went from wanting to stop the wedding to weeping over the upcoming event over a few scenes. The writing for her is so inconsistent. She’ll probably be against it again the next time we see her.

Abigail and Sami’s sudden friendship is so ridiculous. She left the planning of Will’s wedding to go hold Abigail’s hand? I know it’s for the plot, but it makes no sense that Sami would care about Abigail’s problems. Sami doesn’t do friendships.

Those were some raunchy sex scenes between EJ and Abby. No wonder she can’t forget them (not that the show would let us). If only we could see that kind of passion between Will and Sonny.

Will’s Hitler reference was a bit much. The show should really avoid things like that. I do like how Nick mostly finds Will and Sonny amusing though.

**Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Poor Finn. Looks like Declan is going to screw him over — and not in a good way like over a desk. I did think the scenes with Charity teasing Finn about his crush on her boyfriend were funny and I won’t lie when I say I’m curious to see exactly what Declan has in mind for Finn and how far he plans to take this.

I had forgotten how much I hated that storyline about Sarah being sick, a story that dragged on forever, if I recall. The show reminded me, unfortunately, with that dumb scene where Sarah gets her latest medical results via email. I find that hard to believe, but I guess it avoids a trip to the doctor’s office. And would two really hot guys like Ross and Pete actually be fighting over that terrible, unlikeable Debbie? Yuck.

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