Langford on Soaps: Sonny and Nick Come to Blows on “Days”


Please Like Me (Australia)

There were several moments I really enjoyed here. I loved where Josh talked to his father about him paying for Josh to visit him in Thailand — the only problem being Josh would have to see his father there. Josh’s quiet comment of ‘That’s a shame’ was hilarious as was the bit with the dog in a dress. I also liked Tom talking about having a child, only to find out that you didn’t like it very much and would have to pretend to love it. It had an odd ring of truth. But, my favorite was the gag about the erotic gif that Tom made. This show is full of lines that are rich with wit and warmth. And Claire and Tom’s kiss in the rain was really sweet. But I still think that Tom’s ex isn’t pregnant.

You made the right decision to dump Geoffrey, Josh. No need to take him back!

Josh helping his mother get ready for her date, was fun, though it’s obvious that Alan is still in love with her. I wonder if Alan and Rose will get back together by the time the show is over. As for Geoffrey and Tom splitting up, my feeling is that except for the fact that Geoffrey is cute, there’s really not much to him. I think, as Josh noted, that he only liked Geoffrey because he has muscles and they got to make out. So I didn’t care about them getting back together at the end. In fact it seemed kind of dumb and pointless that they broke up to begin with, even though I wish they did and Geoffrey would just go away Still, I love this show and lament that it’s almost over.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Gee, you think that Lari’s attempt to try out for hockey despite his injury is not going to go well? I suspect he’s going to cause some permanent damage and wind up never being able to play again. That’s a shame. But I spent most of this clip wishing Elias would just leave this boy alone and stop looking after him like he’s a lost puppy. Lari is hot and all, but not worth the drama.


I do wish that Ida’s role in Lari’s being outed would be revealed soon though. Her being a friend to Elias and giving him advice on what to do in regards to Lari just makes me sick. I doubt she’ll be sorry though since she still thinks she’s the victim.

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