Langford on Soaps: Ste and Danny Keep It In the Family on “Hollyoaks”


Plus, Will and Brent clash on Days — and it’s as boring as you think, Robbie struggles to let go of his marriage on River City and Chris suspects a close friend of attempted murder on Neighbours

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Casualty (U.K.)

I said last week that Terry and Ramin were probably lovers and it turned out that I was right. I am, however, glad that I was wrong about things turning out badly for Ramin since he did get asylum. However, there was a plot point that seemed to have gotten lost. Ramin’s fear was that the Iranian authorities would find out and his family back home would suffer, but that fear, oddly, seemed to have vanished by the end of the story. But I did enjoy this small arc. The show did a very good job with fictionalizing a story that for many is all too real.

I felt bad for Terry’s wife though. The show seemed to be implying that Terry and Ramin’s relationship was far more than an affair. It was pretty obvious that they love each other. I got the impression it would be only a matter of time before Terry leaves his wife for his lover. I also thought that Terry’s wife wasn’t all that surprised by the revelation that her husband was gay given her refusal to hear him say it when he tried to tell her. I don’t know when the show will have another story for Jamie, who is an appealing character, but let’s hope it doesn’t take another few months.

Neighbours (Australia)

So let me get this straight. For weeks, Josh has been whining about Hudson, but all Josh really wanted was some attention from Daddy Brad? Yeesh, way to make Josh seem like a little kid. Neighbours does this often, dragging a story out for weeks and then having a silly resolution in a scene or two. Not that I’m complaining in this case because I have had it—officially—with Josh’s bitching, as of a long time ago.

But I just don’t like how they often handle story arcs. Besides, I think the rivalry between Josh and Hudson could be an interesting ongoing story minus the whining and sniping. Now, Josh and Hudson will probably become good pals, which is actually kind of boring. It is nice that Hudson is developing a life and story outside of his relationship with Chris though. Some other shows should take notes.

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