Langford on Soaps: Ste and Danny Keep It In the Family on “Hollyoaks”


Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Soaps rarely surprise me anymore, after having watched them for all this time, but I admit to being shocked that Danny turned out to be Ste’s father. I figured we’d see Ste’s father at some point with all the talk about him, but I didn’t expect it to be Danny. I think it’s interesting that both father and son are gay. That’s something only Hollyoaks would do. I complain a lot about them, but they always have had multiple gay characters and stories in major important stories. Kudos to them.

And now John Paul, who has always been a manwhore when you think about it, has slept with nearly every man in Ste’s life—Brendan, Doug and Danny. He just needs to get with Ste to complete the set. And even though they supposedly hate each other, I wouldn’t be shocked to see that happen.

I’m glad that they resolved the paternity of Matthew quickly and didn’t let that plot arc drag out. I also think that having JP be Matthew’s father and that Craig is now dating someone new (a woman, no surprise) closes the chapter on John Paul and Craig, though I still get notes from folks crying bitter tears that the show has ended a relationship that we haven’t seen on screen for five years now. I don’t get that kind of inability to let that fictional relationship go any more than I understand the daily posts from people weeping about how much they miss Brendan Brady. I’d say move on, but well, what would be the point? I guess I’ve never been one to cling to characters who have left the show. Once they leave, they are gone no matter how much I liked them. Life and the show must go on.

The thing that was dumb about the whole story, for me, was that Chloe was threatening to get a lawyer and take the child unless JP paid her, but where was she going to get the money for an attorney if she was blackmailing JP for cash? I just kept thinking John Paul should have called her bluff and she would have had no choice but to walk away. But that would have ended the ‘drama’. And I was glad that the kid turned out to be JP’s if only to stick it to Frankie, whose attempt to steal her ‘grandson’ away from JP was disgusting—and yet so Frankie.

Actually, I lied. Something else this past week surprised me as well. I didn’t expect Ste to confess to helping his mother to die. Though out of all the terrible things Ste has done just in the past few months, I’m surprised he has the capacity to feel guilt. And as much as I don’t like Ste, I thought the scene where he shaved Tony’s head was quite moving. I’ve enjoyed the renewal of the father/son relationship between Tony and Ste, which the show had forgotten for a long time. Personally I think the bald head suits John Pickard. He should keep it shaved.

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