Langford On Soaps: Ste and John Paul Fight Over Doug on “Hollyoaks”



I like this new arc for Chris. It not only makes perfect sense and plays right into the show’s history, it is also is very consistent with Chris’ personality. I know that a lot of the commentary on this last week’s plot was that Chris was being stupid and he was. He had no business accepting the deal with Paul after Lucas told him not to and he definitely should not be getting behind the wheel of the car with no license.

But it’s been long established that Chris is the type of person who needs to feel needed, is practically obsessed about fixing a problem and he has no issue with lying if it suits him. Plus, given that he feels that the problem was his fault to begin with, I can easily see Chris going to great lengths to resolve it.

Unfortunately, I can only imagine what it’ll cost him this time because these things never work out in Chris’ favor. On the plus side, it was nice to see Tash and Andrew supporting Chris for a change after all he backing up he’s done for them over the past couple of years.

I know a lot of people are upset because Chris isn’t instantly jumping into a new relationship. After all, he and Aidan broke up a few weeks ago, so shouldn’t Chris have a new beau already? Umm…. no. It’s perfectly realistic that Chris wouldn’t be dating so quickly. I think the comments that the show is backing off about Chris being gay is ridiculous, even if Neighbours is skittish about the romantic stuff. That’s a separate issue, IMO. The show has already said that Chris will have new romantic interests. Let’s just hope that it’s a more interesting love partner than Aidan was.

People of the Valley

Last week People of the Valley reminded me why I used to love this show so much back when I watched regularly. It’s still a wonderfully written and beautifully acted soap that tackles subjects and topics that many shows just won’t touch. Last week was an example of that with the situation that Iolo found himself in. However, even though some powerful drama took place, I had a lot of problems with certain aspects of the execution.

Let’s start with the revelation between Moc and Gethin. Now, this storyline has been running for a year and I didn’t really know much about it. But this is it in nutshell: Gethin was dating a woman named Sheryl when his father Moc came to town. It quickly became obvious that Gethin hated his father but wouldn’t say why. After Sheryl dumped Gethin when she found out he had a secret wife and child, she started dating Moc. Upon learning of the affair, Gethin said that Moc had molested him as a child and told Sheryl that Moc was after her young son. It was unknown whether Gethin was telling the truth or lying out of revenge. Eventually, Sheryl broke up with Moc and Moc decided to leave town, bring us to the scenes from last week.

Gethin’s daddy got way too close for comfort…

I found the scenes fascinating on a number of levels. It was interesting that Gethin, even after all that had happened, still wanted a relationship of some sort with his father. Gethin still loved his father and wanted to get past all the bitterness and anger. The show has been playing ‘did he or didn’t he’ card for the past year and even in these scenes, the question was still left up in the air and even Gethin was starting to believe that he’d imagined it. The moment where the truth was finally revealed was amazing. It was as if Moc had suppressed or refused to believe that he sexually abused his own son. That was a terrifically played revelation. But it was what happened after that where, for me, the problems began.

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