Langford on Soaps: Things Are Getting “Sonny” For Will On “Days Of Our Lives!”

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years of covering the soap world for us, we thought it was about time Anthony Langford
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In this edition….

and Marcus
just got together, but can their relationship withstand sudden fatherhood? Find
out on Coronation Street. Elsewhere,
on People
of the Valley,
Iolo is determined to find out what
happened to his brother. But is Macs
ready to admit he was raped?

In SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, Deniz runs afoul of a deadly gang of car
thieves on All
That Matters,
inability to deal with his sexuality puts a patient’s
life at risk on Holby City. Plus,
Christian and Syed have a wedding disaster on EastEnders.

And in NEWSBEAT, gay kissing has people
complaining and broadcasters on the defense, Aussie soap Neighbours casts a boyfriend for gay Chris, and Freddie Smith teases his storyline Days of Our Lives.

All this – and more!



contests? Are you kidding?
This soap has had some silly plot
arcs over the years, but I think this might be one of the dumbest. In fact,
save a couple of scenes here and there, which I’ll get to,
this entire week was pretty much a waste. I really wonder if this show knows
where they are going and what to do with Ste,
Brendan and Noah. For much of the past year, Ste and Brendan’s
relationship and Brendan specifically seemed to be written with an idea in
mind, a goal and some sort of recognizable plot arc.

But now
s a pattern that has developed with this group
of characters.
They vanish for a number of weeks
for no particular reason and then make a one week appearance where they have
some silly plot arc that goes nowhere and comes to nothing in terms of long
term story.

I thought that the last one, with Noah
developing a thing for Brendan was ridiculous, but this one isn’t
much better, mostly because the writers keep throwing Ste, Brendan and Noah
together for reasons that don’t make sense.

Why in the world would Brendan seek cooking
lessons from the ex-lover he abused and his ex’s new boyfriend who he recently
tried to seduce? WTF? But worse is that they would agree to help him! They
should have shown him the door. And don’t get me started on Ste and Noah
participating in the “games” at Chez Chez. They really don’t
have anything better to do? The writers need to come up with better and more
plausible reasons to have these three in contact.

The only
good thing this past week were the scenes that Cheryl and Brendan had over
dinner where they finally made up.
The writing
was a little weak, but the acting was sharp, especially on Emmett Scanlan’s
part. We still see that Brendan can’t accept
that he is gay, even though the entire town knows it and doesn’t
care. And on that note, Brendan needs to deal with his issues – and the sooner
the better. Much of the past year’s calamities came from his inability to
accept his sexuality. It’s time the show worked through that, otherwise
the character risks becoming stale and one note. And for an intriguing,
compelling character like Brendan, that would be a terrible shame.

Holby City

really enjoying this storyline, mostly because of the fantastic performance of
Jimmy Akingbola as Antoine Malick.
bold, hard nosed, egotistical and quite sexy, all of which were on full display
in the scene where he confronted Dan about their kiss. I loved how he bragged
to Dan that he could understand why the supposedly straight doctor would put
the moves on him, given what an incredibly sexy black man he was. And while Dan
denied how he felt or what he wanted, there was no doubt of Dan’s
true desires. The acting was strong and the chemistry between Dan and Malick
was blistering.

I also
really liked the plot device the show used to cause this new conflict between
Dan and Malick: the elderly gay man struggling to deal with his lover leaving
him for someone younger.
It was a compelling and real
storyline and I liked how they resolved it with him realizing he had to get on
with his life. There were two particularly nice scenes, the first being when
Dan looked outside of himself for a change and gave the old man some solid

It wasn’t so much
for the advice itself, but we got some insight on Dan that he has gone through
several serious relationships, came close to marrying a woman twice, and yet never
quite got there.

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