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All That Matters (Germany)

Last week….

Someone vandalized Kai’s car because they didn’t like that he was gay and Kai made it clear to the team that he wasn’t going to be bullied or scared away. Joscha learned that Timo was the one behind the homophobic behavior, but was afraid to come forward because he didn’t want anyone to think he was gay. When Raquel heard about it, she encouraged her husband to do the right thing. Joscha, while not ratting out Timo, informed the team that he supported Kai and the bullying had to stop. Later, the team had to travel for their first tournament and Joscha and Kai were forced to go together. But as things heated up romantically between them, Kai’s car broke down and Joscha had to travel with the rest of the team.

I’m very glad that Kai refused to let himself be bullied by bigots, but I do think he should have called the police. Then again, I have the feeling Kai knew that Joscha had seen who did it and was trying to protect him. And why is the team hassling Kai and not Deniz? Everybody knows Deniz is bisexual and he’s rather open about it. But no one is picking on him? It just seems…. convenient for the story, I think.

I continue to love Raquel and Joscha together. They make terrific friends and are so good for each other. When Raquel sweetly tells Joscha to do the right thing so she can be proud of him, I heart those moments. I think she can do much, much better than that idiot Ingo though. I do think that Joscha and Kai have chemistry, which is nice. However, I want more than just sexual attraction. Why does Joscha like Kai? More importantly, why does Kai like Joscha, who has treated him poorly on several occasions not to mention been violent with him. They really don’t even know each other. Maybe if we could get some getting to know you moments, I could buy more into this pairing.

BTW, whatever happened to Nick? He just sort of vanished and he was supposed to be a big help to the team.

About Can and Katja, the scene where he gave her the necklace was so sweet and romantic. Too bad that it was a fantasy. I never thought I’d see them as a couple, but I really like them and the show is doing a terrific job on their romance.

I know she’s been on for awhile now, but I don’t like this ‘new’ Jenny. This one is too hard and can’t play the softer moments as well as the previous girl could.

And thank you show, for the extremely gratuitous and unnecessary shots of Ben’s naked butt. It was really quite … impressive.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

Not a lot to say here as not that much happened, but I’m surprised that Marcus and Maria decided not to have children. I always thought Marcus’ need to have kids was one reason why he ‘fell’ for Maria. My guess is that she finds out she’s pregnant after he starts sleeping with Todd? It’s a plot twist the show won’t be able to resist, I think. In other notes, did we know that Jason’s father was black? Or is that a recent reveal? I’ve been watching for years and had no idea that Jason was bi-racial. Is Julie still here? I’m tired of her whining about her loser boyfriend already. And poor Sean, spending all that money on a guy who couldn’t care less about him. He’s going to have his widdle heart broken, not that I could care.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Unlike a lot of folks, I can’t deem the new Will a success or failure based on a few scenes. It’s far too soon to judge one way or another after one day. I do think it’s going to be an adjustment though as this actor is very different than the previous one. That’s not a bad thing though. I think Will, as a character, could do for some changing. I can’t see the show taking Will in a new direction, but one can always hope. But I really would love for Will and Sonny’s story to be as fun and entertaining and (most important) as soapy as the rest of the show.

What’s with the Charlie’s Angels pose, boys?

I think having Abby and EJ sleep together was a delicious twist, even though I think the show rushed the story. It makes sense though. Abby has always preferred older men and she never much cared if they were coupled with someone else. And EJ and Abby have chemistry, they are hot, hot, hot. It’s a plot point with so many ramifications and layers to play out. We know Sami will find out eventually and there will be hell to pay, but I’m wondering who will find out first? Jennifer? Stefano? Sonny? Should be fun. And of course, you know Abby will be pregnant. Only gay virgins on soaps use rubbers.

The show has finally found a meaty story for Kate Mansi, who is such a good actress who has been wasted for so long. From Brady’s drug problems (isn’t Brady the hottest drug addict ever?) to the burning romance between Nicole and Eric, this show is doing so well. I can even tolerate Jen and Daniel now that they are not boring us silly with their romance. But could JJ stop trying to get them back together? I loved JJ when he was a bad boy. This new version, not so much.

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

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