Langford on Soaps: Two TV Gays Get the Axe!



I actually enjoyed RAW this past week. I don’t know if the show has gotten better or if the things that have annoyed me before didn’t bother me as much. Or maybe it was watching Jojo get fired that made it worth watching. I think I actually cheered when Geoff and Fiona lowered the boom. She should have been out on her butt weeks ago, and I think she was given far too much slack before she was finally let go. I’m sure she’ll get herself together and get her job back before the series come to a close next week, though if it were my restaurant, she’d never be coming back. But that’s just me.

It was nice also to see Pavel return if only to finally get some story movement on that front. I may not love the character, but his absence has been a big hole in the show. I also think it is too bad longtime fans of the couple missed out on seeing them grow and develop into the united front we’ve been told they are by Geoff– or at least get a glimpse of that dynamic before everything went to heck because of Selina’s schemes. Though I had a real problem with Geoff not telling Pavel that Selina had moved in. She’s been there for weeks and Geoff never mentioned it? Pavel took it a lot better than I would have.

As for Selina, her little tricks are so silly and transparent. I can’t believe that Geoff and Pavel don’t see right through her. And what exactly is the point of it all? She wants to break them up so she can have Geoff to herself? I hope there’s more to it than that. As I said before, I find the whole plot point of a woman trying to break up a gay couple to be ludicrous. Philip’s story continues to intrigue me though. While I don’t get his fascination with Jojo at all, I want to know what the deal is with his father and see how things turn out for him.

Good Times, Bad Times

If the point of all this is to make Lucas totally unlikeable and unsympathetic, the show is doing a bang-up job, because I don’t feel a bit sorry for Lucas at all. To me he just comes across as a spoiled, mean-spirited brat who needs a spanking. Sure, his boyfriend of a few months died, but I guess I can’t compare that to parents losing a child or brother losing his sibling. At least Lucas’ family isn’t coddling him and calls him out on his disgusting and appalling behavior. I’m sure eventually he’ll go and apologize for what he’s done, but he ruined a day that should have belonged to Edwin’s family, and now they’ll be unlikely forget it for all the wrong reasons. There are some things that you just can’t forgive. At least I couldn’t.

Does Lucas speak for some of the audience?

Now if you think I didn’t like the show or didn’t find this compelling viewing you’d be wrong. The acting was terrific, especially by Ferry Doedens, who was about the best I’ve ever seen him since he debuted as Lucas. I don’t like Lucas much, but I certainly can’t stop watching his fierce and devastating performance. The writing was strong and effective and the scenes before Lucas arrived were heartbreakingly sad. I wonder though if we’re headed for a suicide attempt by Lucas. His saying he doesn’t want to live without Edwin is a major red flag. But whatever happens next, I’ll be watching because I think the show is doing a terrific job with this entire story arc. And it’s not often I say that about this show.


I’ve complained before about Hollyoaks dropping the ball when it came to the climax of a storyline, and they did it again this past week. After pulling us in with George’s homeless plight and adding the topical story of human trafficking, the show wrapped up the story in the most sloppy and lazy way possible and had the characters behaving in ludicrous ways. After fearing for his friend’s life, George gets the flimsiest piece of evidence that ludicrously leads him to believe that Phoebe hasn’t been kidnapped and sold on the slave trade or even worse, murdered.

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