Langford on Soaps: Valentine’s Day Surprises on “Days” and “General Hospital”


Plus, Todd schemes to seduce Marcus on Corrie, Johnny has a secret admirer on EastEnders and Will’s plot against Brent goes awry on Nashville.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

Last Week…

Kai didn’t reveal that Lukas was on painkillers or that he doctored the drug test and the company advanced to the semi-finals following their performance. Afterwards, however Kai told Lukas he had to get off the drugs and start a therapy to heal his knee or Kai would expose him. Lukas agreed to Kai’s terms. Lukas then tried to make amends with Joscha, but Joscha wasn’t interested.

Is it just me or do Joscha and Lukas, who are brothers, have inappropriate sexual chemistry? That aside, I’m glad that Joscha didn’t just forgive and forget. What Lukas did, or tried to do, is reprehensible. Even though Lukas claims he wouldn’t have gone through with it, the threat itself is unforgivable and it should take some time for Joscha to get past it. And I like how Joscha and Kai are getting closer emotionally. You can see the bond between them growing. It would have been nice to see moments like this earlier, but I’m enjoying getting them now.

Casualty (U.K.)

That was a nice enough exit story for Jamie, I guess, though I wish we’d of seen more of him and Ramin together. And you know, while the 50ish side of me thinks Jamie is crazy, I have to believe that if I were as young as Jamie is, I’d take the chance he did. After all, Australia’s a beautiful place, Ramin is a nice guy and like Jamie said, if it doesn’t work out, he can always come back. You’re only young once and that’s the time to be ‘irresponsible’ and take risks.

But, I think my favorite scene was when Robyn got told off about how selfish she was being in regards to Jamie thinking about going off to Australia with Ramin. I usually can’t stand Robyn, so I like it when people are mean to her. LOL

But, out of character, she did the right thing and encouraged Jamie to go off with Ramin. I even felt a little sorry for her at the end as she wept at the loss of her best pal.

I do hope the show gets a new gay character soon (I wonder about Ethan), but I hope he’s more interesting than Jamie. I liked him well enough, but he was kind of bland. My favorite gay from this show is still Toby from a few years ago. Loved that guy.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I’ve always liked Gabi, but her freaking out in every scene is getting kind of boring and annoying. And after their history and that’s not even including the rape attempt and shoving Nick into the river, why would she let Nick hold Ari? Even Ari looked at Gabi like she was crazy. Though it was cute how the baby was fascinated with Nick’s scarf. But is Nick drawing Gabi back into his web or is she playing him? Sadly, I don’t think Gabi’s that’s smart. I won’t lie though I continue to love Nick (and the very talented actor who plays him) to pieces even though he’s a complete whack job.

I found myself laughing heartily when Abigail told Sonny that she and Nick were really close. Excuse me, but over the past year, she’s had as many scenes with Nick as she did with her other cousins Will and Sonny, meaning they barely spoke. I did love how Victor has absolutely no patience for Nick and doesn’t even pretend to be civil. But what was really funny was Maggie needling her husband by saying that people should get as many chances as it takes to get it together. I mean, if anybody has had a lot of chances in life, it’s Victor.

When did Lucas and Rafe become friends? I do like their scenes together, but I guess when Sami dumps EJ, he can join the club. LOL! Even more important, why are Lucas and Rafe gazing at each other from across the room when they are with their girlfriends? Just saying….

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

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