Langford on Soaps: Vincent Comes Out to His Kids on “My Husband’s Lover”


Plus, the debuts of Dutch drama Loving Ibiza and Aussie drama Redfern Now. Also the latest on General Hospital, People of the Valley, Revenge, Days of Our Lives — and much more!

Langford on Soaps

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows….

As Joscha and Raquel planned their sham wedding, Melanie plotted to get rid of Raquel by reporting her immigration status to authorities…

Ugh, that Melanie. That was a horrible thing she did to Raquel. The thing is, even if it were to work and she left the country, Joscha still wouldn’t want her back. And I like that Melanie got called out on her hypocrisy when she accused Raquel of only wanting Joscha for his fame. Let’s face it, Mel’s a gold-digger.

After all, Mel only took notice of Deniz because he got a big promotion and a raise. Sad that Deniz can’t see it and always takes her side, just like his defending her to Joscha even after knowing what she did to try and destroy Joscha’s career. Deniz running to hold her hand makes her seem like the victim and she certainly isn’t that. I think that’s what I dislike most about the Deniz/Mel romance. He should be smarter than this to be anywhere near this gold-digging viper. But at least he was bright enough to tell her not to use him to make Joscha jealous. They’ll eventually get together though, but I can’t see it lasting. It would be nice of Deniz found out what Melanie did to try and get Raquel out of the country. Maybe then he’d be done with her sooner rather than later.

I did love the scene where Joscha salivated when he saw Deniz in his suit and he couldn’t help but comment how sexy Deniz was. The look on Can’s face was priceless. And I continue to love Joscha and Raquel together. As I said before, Joscha is so much more likeable with Raquel around because she lightens him up and we can see how cute and funny and charming he can be. Hopefully, we’ll see that side of him when he meets the guy he eventually falls in love with. That bedroom scene of theirs was cute and funny. Though if they’re going to be married for three years, they’re going to have to get used to sharing a bed.

Among Us (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Kira promised Ringo she wouldn’t tell anyone about he and Yannick’s relationship and Ringo finally admitted to Kira, Tobias and Yannick that he has feelings for Yannick. Ringo proposed a secret relationship to Yannick and Yannick agreed. Ringo still refused to accept he might be bi or gay, but thought he was just going through a phase that he’d eventually get over.

This show just isn’t doing a good job convincing me about any feelings these guys might have for each other. The fact of the matter is they have never had an actual conversation that didn’t involve Ringo bitching at Yannick for one reason or another. The show hasn’t bothered to give us any scene of them just bonding or enjoying each others company, you know where we could see the feelings they are supposed to have. Yes, we know they had a relationship back in computer camp, but for me, I would have like to see at least some of the foundation of their relationship because then I could understand why Yannick would want to be with someone who treats him so poorly all the time. Even when Ringo admits his feelings for Yannick and proposes a secret affair, he still treats Yannick with contempt. So exactly what is the attraction?

I did like the scene with Tobias where Ringo admitted he was crazy about Yannick and Tobias’ advice was simple: you can’t fight what you really want and doing so will make you unhappy. But again, I still have the question of why being gay is such a torment for Ringo. No one in his social circle, including his family, would care and as was pointed out in the show itself, they live in a very gay friendly city. Most people fear coming out because of what other people might think and that they’d lose their friends and family. That isn’t the case for Ringo. So why is he so upset about being gay? It’s just another thing I need articulated in order for the story to actually make sense and be believable.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I didn’t expect to see Sonny while Will was away, but there he was as a talk-to for Abigail, who now that Chad is gone, actually has no story herself. More than just about anybody else on this show, except maybe Kristian Alfonso, this show has really wasted Kate Mansi’s talent. The triangle with Chad and Cameron never worked because she had no chemistry with either guy and the show told the story in such a lame, half-assed way. I did have to laugh at Abi bitching at Chad and Cameron’s competing over her since that’s the way she set things up, using her virginity as a prize they had to win.

Also humorous to me was Sonny saying he didn’t tell Will about Teresa because he didn’t want Will to worry. But I think that Teresa and Will maybe had one or two scenes since Teresa came to town. But it’s always been a shame to me that this show’s young people didn’t have much to do with each other, even though they’re all related. I also don’t like that JJ is now indebted to Daniel because it means that eventually, JJ will love Daniel as much as everyone else in this town. Blech.

*Thanks to MRFIXIT477 for the clips!

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