Langford on Soaps: War Breaks Out on “Neighbors” and “Haves/Have Nots” Gets Pathetic


Plus, EJ and Will team up on Days, Jamie turns detective on Casualty and John Paul’s mother is brutally attacked on Hollyoaks.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Neighbours (Australia)

Even though I didn’t like how it started and I still think the show did Chris and Hudson no favors by having the development of their romance take place off screen, I really am growing to like them together and I think they have a very sweet chemistry. Admittedly though, Remy Hii isn’t much of an actor and I find myself wishing he’d take the marbles out of his mouth when he speaks. I just think the story would even be better if Hii would brush up on his acting skills. Yet, I think the actor has a certain charm and I like him and his character despite those deficiencies.

I’m really enjoying the story revolving around the battle between Josh and Hudson and I’m looking forward to the fallout of Brad deciding to coach Hudson. However, why did the reveal of this plot development happen off screen? It would be nice to have seen Hudson’s reaction to Brad’s decision to coach him. And how did Joshua find out? How did Chris react to the news? Again, we should be seeing this story beats, not just hearing about them.

I do agree that Joshua needs to give it a rest in regards to Hudson. His endless whining isn’t attractive. I like that even Brad told him to shut up and focus on his swimming. Too bad Josh isn’t gay and we could have a nice triangle between the three of them as Josh and Hudson’s fighting really hides an underlying attraction. But Neighbours would never go there. Oh well, it would mean no more snoozy, chemistry-free scenes with Josh and Amber, definitely a plus.

My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

I enjoyed this past week’s subbed episodes of My Husband’s Lover, even though there are a couple of things that bothered me. But I continue to be impressed by this marvelously soapy story that puts two men at its center with all the twists and turns that brings them together and tears them apart. As much as I was glad that they finally got together, it’s too bad that we didn’t see anything resembling a romantic/love scene. We only saw Eric and Vincent about to kiss and then later hugging in Eric’s apartment, with the only real inference that they had had sex being that they weren’t fully dressed. It was all rather vague. I did read that love/romantic scenes had been shot (a couple in fact), but the powers that be made the show cut them out as well as any references to them having had sex.

This is as close as Vincent and Eric got before the camera faded to black….

It’s unfortunate and yet I still credit them for being able to get this story on the air to begin with. Maybe the next similar project (and I assume there will be some given the incredible success of this one) will see the lovers being more intimate. But I can’t say it didn’t bother me, especially since we get to see Vincent in a full on love scene with his Lally, which he only did because Eric pushed him to be more romantic with his wife. I wondered if he thought of Eric during his time with his wife, since he had been avoiding having sex with her before this? And I have a feeling, since there’s so much of the story left to be told that Lally will get pregnant as a result of their lovemaking, putting another roadblock between Eric and Vincent’s happiness.

There were few scenes I really liked, such as David ripping into Vincent after Vincent came to tell him about his affair with Eric. I think that David’s real problem was that after hanging around Vincent and his family for years and wanting Vincent, Vincent chose to have an affair with Eric. I suspect that if Vincent had wanted to pick things up with David behind Lally’s back, David would not be so upset. And in that scene where he went to warn Eric off of Vincent, David came off as more of a jealous lover than any concern for Lally and Vincent’s children. I feel for David, it’s sad that he can’t find love and move on.

I also liked Eric’s mother being straight, pardon the pun, about that affair and that eventually Lally will learn the truth and Eric will get dumped again because Vincent will choose his wife. But it’s too bad that mother and son are letting it ruin their relationship and I hope they can fix that sooner rather than later. I also liked the cute scene with Eric’s mother and Eric’s pal Danny, who was bored with hearing about Eric and Vincent and asks if he can install ‘Candy Crush’ on her phone. Hilarious. The ongoing jealousy/conflict with Lally and her sister is intriguing as well. I think the mother plays the two off each other, even if she may not realize it.

My big problem though was Eric and Vincent getting into a fist fight. They can hit each other black and blue, but an on screen kiss is a no-no? Of course! Besides, gay lovers being violent with each other is something I’ve had more than enough of. I guess because when violence enters a relationship, for me it’s over as far as I’m concerned. I know Eric and Vincent will get over it, but as a viewer, it’s hard for me to get past or overlook.

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