Langford on Soaps: War Breaks Out on “Neighbors” and “Haves/Have Nots” Gets Pathetic


First of all, Vincent and George have no chemistry. None. Not a whit. Second, there is no reason for these two to be romantically involved. They have nothing in common, no shared interests. They just don’t click in any way, shape or form, which is a shame. I thought George and Ryan were cute together. The show missed a huge opportunity with George and Callum, who had amazing chemistry with each other. And as the show has either ill-used Callum or not used him at all (we haven’t seen Callum in months) it’s even more a shame they never pursued a romance with he and George.

But the major problem I have with this story is George lying to Phoebe. After everything George and Phoebe have been through together, it’s hard for me to believe he would treat her like this. They’ve always been extremely close. It is so out of character for George to be deceitful, especially to Phoebe, and especially about this. Both George and Vincent know that Phoebe loves Vincent and she’s only waiting for him to love her back. For Vincent to string her along and for George to let it happen is cruel and unforgivable. The show says this is a story with no villains, but what Vincent and George are doing is pretty mean to me. Yet for all the speed of light storytelling the show is content to let this one plot point drag out.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

Jeffrey and Wyatt have been missing for the last few weeks so to be frank, I haven’t been watching. I found the show interesting at first, but eventually the leaden dialogue and lethargic pace got to me. And that continues here, the scene between Wyatt, Jeffrey and Candace when they showed up at her apartment dragged on forever with them repeating the same dialogue over and over. How many times did Jeffrey say ‘let’s go’ and how many times did Wyatt say ‘we’re not leaving’? I lost count.

I was totally not surprised that Wyatt had been sexually abused by a priest, the show has very heavily hinted as much previously. I guess we’re to think that is the cause of his drug abuse, much like his sister’s repeated attempts at suicide? I am curious about the appearance of Wyatt’s out-of-nowhere girlfriend, whom we haven’t heard of or from until this moment. I wonder if there’s a particular reason why she showed up now, other than supposedly reuniting with Wyatt. Something about it made me suspicious.

Being pathetic is not attractive….

By the way, and I know the show isn’t listening, but I could do without Jeffrey fuming with jealousy over Laura being back, rolling his eyes and making bitchy comments. It is not entertaining. Gay men sitting around pining after their straight friends is so yesterday in terms of gay storytelling and I wish shows would do away with that tired old trope. When Jeffrey sniffed Wyatt’s shirt and squeed about how Wyatt listened to him, I think my stomach did a flip or two. That’s just gross. Stop this show, now. It’s really rather pathetic… and insulting.

All That Matters (Germany)

Okay, it’s time for this show to move past this Joscha/Melanie business because I am just so bored. I don’t much like Melanie, but I like Joshca’s using her even less. This sort of story just doesn’t appeal to me. I understand Joscha’s dilemma, but his using her makes the character really unsympathetic to me.

I’ll just be glad when the show/story moves forward so I can enjoy it. His fantasy about Deniz was nice though. I still am not sure if the show is going to pair these two or not. At this point, it doesn’t seem like that is where they are going.

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