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Coronation Street

My favorite moment of this week came when Eileen, after the truth about Maria and Marcus had been revealed, told them that they were selfish idiots who had hurt a lot of people with their deception. She spoke the truth when she predicted this would end in a lot of tears because Marcus would be unable to change who he is, a gay man. I’ve said that from the beginning of this storyline and if that was a foreshadowing moment, I have to say I agree.

As much as I find Maria and Marcus sweet together, I do think that Marcus seems to have ‘adjusted’ to his new life awfully quickly. Yes, he had a brief moment of ‘confusion’, but he got over that fast. And is it just me, or does it seem that now that Marcus is sleeping with Maria, we get to see him shirtless and in cute little boxer briefs when we never saw that when he was with Sean or Aiden? Hmm…

I also find it unrealistic that they wouldn’t address some very real issues, such as what does this mean? Is Marcus bi-sexual? What about his attraction to men? I personally think that as a couple they would talk about these things. But the show seems to glossing them over, if not ignoring them altogether when discussing them would add more depth to the story.

Marcus found out what happens when gay men steal women from their boyfriends...

I felt sorry for Jason. I haven’t been an avid viewer over the years, but Jason has always gotten screwed over when it came to romance. I didn’t like seeing him getting hurt like that. He’s a sweet, if not too bright, kind of guy. I understand him being angry, especially with Marcus foolishly telling Jason he hopes they can still be friends. Is that what you say to someone as you are stealing their girlfriend when you’re supposedly gay? I thought Marcus was smarter than that.

Of course, this past week gave me new reason to despise Sean, who made this drama about him as I predicted. I’m glad that someone told him this was none of his business and didn’t involve him. He and Marcus broke up months ago and were doner than done. Making this about himself is typical of Sean and his wanting to blab about Maria and Marcus’ relationship just shows how despicable and loathsome this character continues to be. His whining and crying about he got hurt was pathetic. What a loser.

Hotel Cæsar

I wish I had more to say about these episodes, but this show is boring me right now. To be fair, it’s never been my favorite, but I just don’t find these corporate adventures of a sixteen year old to be particularly interesting (or believable, for that matter). I did like that Juni finally convinced her son that Måne needs some parental guidance as he’s been acting out far too long. I agree with that. It was long past time that someone laid some ground rules down with Måne and perhaps Måne’s relationship with his father might be interesting. I imagine this is all leading to Måne finally coming out to his family, something that is long past due.

Winners and Losers

Uh-oh! I got a bad feeling about this past week’s episodes. With the season finale of the show coming next week, I’m hoping and praying this isn’t leading to Rhys or Jonathan or both of them leaving the show. I really like both characters and would hate to see either of them written out. Of course, the commitment-phobe in me thinks it’s maddening that Jonathan would even consider moving away with Rhys given that they haven’t been together that long, but I did find that scene to be very sweet and perfectly in Jonathan’s character to do such a thing. And I was glad that we got an update on what’s going on with Rhys and his coming out to his family, even if it consisted of the guys talking about what did or didn’t happen rather than actual scenes dealing with the issue.

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