Langford on Soaps: Will Brian Bring Love To Will and Sonny On “Days”?


River City

Perhaps it’s just me, but Robbie and Will haven’t been dating all that long and I don’t think that much time has passed in terms of the show, so it seems kind of fast for them to be moving in together. And unless I missed something, they haven’t even told each other they’re in love — which would be rather soon for that too, in my opinion. Besides, I’m not sold on them as a couple. I don’t think they have much chemistry and I’m not sure why they are together to begin with. But I really like both characters separately, and at least the show seems committed to the gay storyline. They get plenty of airtime and are written well, which is more than I can say for a lot of other shows with gay storylines and characters.

It was interesting to learn that Will is actually out at work and everyone knows he’s gay when they had previously hinted that wasn’t the situation. I’m so glad that Will isn’t the closeted cop. One, it shows that the show isn’t repeating the same story they told years ago with Eddie and it also makes Will a stronger character by being true to himself despite the problems it might cause him. And I thought it was a nice touch that Will has a bigger problem with his sexuality in terms of how it affects his job than his co-workers do. It’s not that he’s ashamed or bothered by being gay, but that he’s determined to prove something: that his being gay doesn’t matter, and it’s causing him to make foolish mistakes.

His boss’ problem with Will is not that he’s gay, but he’s inexperienced, making solving cases harder. How nice to not have the same old homophobic nonsense that most shows would fall back on. River City may be flawed in many ways, but most of the time, it’s been progressive with its gay storytelling.

Days of Our Lives

Oddly enough I don’t have a lot to say about Will coming out to his parents, mostly because it played pretty much like I thought it would. Lucas had his issues, but was supportive and Sami made it all about herself. It was breathtaking how many times she used the word ‘me’ or ‘I’ while dealing with her son coming out, but that’s Sami for you. It’s quite a feat for Sami to be so self-absorbed and narcissistic, but still remain a sympathetic and likable character. And that’s a credit to the actress, Allison Sweeney, because most of the time the writing isn’t helping her. Or anyone else for that matter.

Sami was shocked Will was gay, mostly because it didn’t involve the word ‘me’

For the most part, this reveal fell a little flat for me. And I think it’s because the show did a number of ‘shocking’ reveals over the past week without really giving anyone a chance to react to that before revealing something else. All the whiler not really playing out the dramatic complications of any of it. For example, Sami reeled off all the terrible things she’d learned about EJ over the past week, and yet, she really didn’t get to react to any of it because that would get in the way of the story they were trying to tell.

For a show that moves so slowly it’s amazing they didn’t let some of these surprises play out and have an effect before going on to something else. The actors were fine given the weak material, but when we should be seeing some exceptional performances, everyone was just ‘okay.’ I don’t think the show gave them the time to really work these scenes like they should have, hamstringing them when it should be letting them shine. My point is this should have been a golden moment for Days, the actors and everyone involved in the story. But it was all just more than a little dull.


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