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When it comes to gay characters, I don’t think any show handles them as nicely as Hollyoaks does. Not only do they tend to be well written and well drawn, they are fully integrated into the show – not simply side characters brought out to support other people’s stories. In fact, in the last couple of years, as in the case with Brendan and Ste and the recently departed Jason, they carry the bulk of the story load. This means that Hollyoaks can have more than one gay character and have each of them in their own story with their own relationships and romances. And this past week was a fine example of that.

As with most stories surrounding Brendan, I’m loving the new plot arc designed to delve into his character and find out what makes him tick. While I have a hard time believing that Brendan would actually have anything to do with Ash and her project, the story that is coming out of that setup is quite intriguing to watch.

Love and bullets for Brendan..

I really enjoyed the episode revolving around the man Brendan picked up in the hotel and what happened during their night together. I thought the advice that Brendan gave his trick after their tryst said so much about he feels now that everyone knows that he’s gay. While he struggled to hide himself for so long, he now sees the truth was best for everyone involved, even though some people got hurt. Brendan’s diatribe to Ash about how he doesn’t need anyone was funny, over the top and sad, but said so much about himself. And Emmett Scanlan delivered it perfectly. He really has a firm handle on this very unique gay character.

I’m glad to see Declan again, but I really wish that Ste would get some self-respect and get out of Brendan’s life. Brendan might still love him, but he’ll always abuse him in some manner. It’s time for Ste to realize that and move on. As for George, I have to admit I didn’t see his secret coming. But there are a lot of homeless gay teens out there, so it’ll be interesting to see where this reality-based storyline is headed.

Days of Our Lives

I think the scenes between Will and Sonny when Will dropped by to supposedly give Sonny his flash drive might be the best moments of this storyline so far. The discussion the two had about coming out was real and heartfelt, well acted by Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey. It was clear that both Will and Sonny knew they were talking about Will’s struggle with his sexuality, but neither of them actually voiced the obvious. Will wasn’t ready and Sonny didn’t want to push him. I still don’t understand why Will is having such a hard time accepting that he’s gay, but the struggle itself has made for some really fine writing.

However, I was bothered by Sonny’s intimation that he had his own issues about his sexuality. Not because that’s not realistic, but I seem to recall that when Sonny debuted it was made clear that he had known he was gay at a very young age and his only concern was how everyone else would react. I also had a problem with the advice that Sonny gave Will. It’s clear that Will is emotionally troubled and Sonny has seen Will act out because of his issues, so I would think that Will moving away or rather running away from his problems would be ill advised at best. Sonny should discourage such a notion, not give his approval.

Will EJ give into Will’s blackmail? Probably not.

But, Sonny’s poor advice was really only a set up for the next arc in the storyline about Will’s blackmail attempt over EJ. And well, that makes no sense either. Will has a wealthy grandmother (Kate) who would gladly give him money if he asked, if only to tick off Will’s mom, Sami. So his having to blackmail EJ for the dough is completely contrived. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see where it goes from here. I think the next arc in this story is going to be soapy goodness.

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