Langford on Soaps: Will Gays Be Part of the New “One Life To Live” and “All My Children”?


General Hospital

I’m glad the show is starting to use Felix more and having him connect to some of the other characters on the show besides Sabrina, who I don’t care much for, but I really hope he’s going to be more than just a “talk to.” It’s just hard for me to even care if he’s not going to be a fully fleshed out character and have a life, complete with romantic interests. It’s nice that he doesn’t hide his attraction in men, but unless we get to him in romances like all the other characters, then he’s really not being treated equally. If he likes the bad boys, then bring on one of them for him.

I did like hearing more about him, such as that he used to work at Foxy Roxy’s in Llanview. But I found those scenes with Carly hard to believe. I just don’t buy that Carly would let a strange man she into her apartment and confide all her personal business to him. I guess the point was she doesn’t have Jason anymore to talk to, but I still found that setup unbelievable. But I am looking forward to Felix trying to explain himself to Epiphany. That should be fun.

I know that Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have been a godsend to this soap and probably saved it from being cancelled. It certainly has done better creatively under their watch than it has for years; getting rid of the repetitive mob stories, using the entire canvas and bringing back so many of the show’s most popular characters from GH’s glory days and using them effectively. Other shows should take some cues from GH on how to improve their soaps.

And yet, while GH is better, it still doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve really never been a regular viewer of this show, only having watched in short periods from time to time. GH is a little too out there for me, and I just don’t have an appreciation for the campier, outrageous side of soaps. My beloved As The World Turnsdidn’t often dip its toe into those types of crazy stories and when they did, I wanted to change the channel. So I’m finding this whole vampire storyline to be really tough going, nor did I think the whole Faison storyline to be of particular interest.

Yet, even though I’m not loving it, I’m so glad this show is hitting its stride and I hope that it continues to do better and climb in the ratings. Just give Felix more to do than tell Carly her hair looks bad. Otherwise, I won’t have reason to watch at all.


Why did the show bother to bring back Aidan and reunite him with Chris? Since they got back together they barely interacted as a couple and when they did they were fighting. At least when they were dating before they acted like a romantic couple. So why put them back together, have them make each other miserable, then break them up again after a few weeks? It doesn’t make much sense. And what makes even less sense is how they split them up, which amounted to poor characterization and bad writing.

Chris nagging Aidan about why he couldn’t help him when Aidan helped him made Chris out to be ungrateful for what Aidan did. Chris wanting to stick his oar in regarding Aidan’s problems when he’s not asked says more about Chris than it does about Aidan. I really didn’t like Chris in those scenes and I felt that Aidan had the appropriate reaction by walking away.

I think Chris is making too much of the whole thing. There is nothing wrong with someone needing some space and dealing with their own mess. Not everyone needs someone always in their face asking ‘are you okay’ and ‘what’s wrong’. Some people just like to be left alone. I guess I don’t think you should lose your independence just because you get into a relationship. And Aidan’s issues with his co-worker were weird and a little silly. Why not say the guy was an ex and it ended badly between them and that was the reason for the animosity?

Aidan suddenly asking Chris to move in made about as much sense as Chris, out of nowhere, deciding to dump Aidan. Both of them were acting rashly, but clearly the show wanted the relationship over one way or the other. I will say I’m somewhat on Aidan’s side and I think he shouldn’t have to be more ‘needy’ because that’s what Chris wants. Fortunately for Chris there are a lot of needy gay men out there. But they bring a whole other set of problems.

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