Langford On Soaps: Will Scott Pay for What He Did to Macs on “People of the Valley”?


Good Times, Bad Times

I get where the show is going with this. They are setting it up for Lucas to finally move on with his life after Edwin’s death and eventually find a new love. But it seems like these scenes should have played out months ago, given that Edwin died early this year. Oh well, at least it’s finally happening. I’d like to see Lucas in a new relationship — though judging by the spoilers I’ve seen about Lucas’ possible new romance, maybe I might want Lucas to grieve a little bit longer. But we’ll discuss that in a future column. For now, let’s stick with the events of this week’s show.

I think, for me, the highlight — even if I think the story arc is flawed — were the relationships between the characters. The banter between Lucas and Janine over his very active love life showed how their relationship has grown and developed over the years. I thought it was hilarious how she basically called her son a slut in the middle of a crowded bar with his latest conquest leering at Lucas only a few feet away. And Noud has always been one of my favorites because he is one of the most adorable characters on this show so it was nice to see him. His friendship with Lucas is always fun to watch.

And back to the story, the tickets from Edwin was a nice cliffhanger to end things on, even if it’s utterly predictable how this is all going to play out.

People of the Valley

I have missed this show. It was, and still is one of the best written soaps out there. Scott’s return has been extremely well done so far. I love the twist that he returned engaged to Macs’ ex-girlfriend. It’s pretty clear that Scott’s motivations for coming back aren’t really about Izzy or his desire to move on with her. There is no way he accidentally bumped into her in Greece and they fell in love and decided to move back to the village. The sinister smile on his face and the odd looks he gets at times show this character is sociopathic and very dangerous. He clearly came back to cause more trouble for Macs and his family and I’m anxious to see what happens.


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