Langford on Soaps: You Won’t Believe Who’s Getting Married on “Hollyoaks”


Plus, the returns of Revenge and Nashville, Chris has an overdose on Neighbours, Malick’s career is on the line (again) on Holby City and Conor meets a handsome stranger on 6Degrees.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Secret Lives (Finland)

I thought the gang supporting Tale was cute, especially after all the conflict they’ve had over the past year. I’m not all that interested in the story about Elias’ father missing. I did like the scene where the police dropped by and weren’t that concerned about his disappearance since he’d vanished before and even had been declared dead before. That’s the kind of ‘only in soaps’ drama you can’t help but laugh at. But it’s nice to see Lari supporting Elias after all the hand-holding Elias has done for Lari during their relationship.

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Forbidden Love (Germany)

So basically this ends with the status quo. I guess Christian goes back to England, Olli will go with him for a visit and return in a few weeks with reports that his marriage is ‘healed’. Bah. The essential problem remains, IMO. Christian can’t be trusted and he’s given Olli no reason to trust him. He’s a cheater and cheaters never change, especially if you keep letting them get away with it. Because what’s to stop him from meeting some chick in a bar, getting drunk and doing it again? His ‘love’ for Olli? It’s never stopped him before, why would it stop him now?

Christian and Olli are reunited (and it doesn’t feel so good)

I still don’t understand why the show just didn’t end the marriage and let Olli move on with his life. You’d think Jo Weil, who plays Olli, would get bored with doing nothing more than being a supporting player for all his friends. The viewers certainly are, though I’m sure there are plenty die-hards who are happy with this ‘ending’, as it means Christian and Olli don’t break up, even if there’s really not a relationship there worth holding on to.

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All That Matters (Germany)

Wow, Nick has an amazing ass. Am I allowed to say that? Cuz he does. Moving on….

Yuck, Melanie is one of the clingiest girlfriends. Does she always have to be hanging around? Can’t wait until Joscha gives her the boot. But the “Deniz loves Melanie angle” is so boring and I am not anticipating their romance. Deniz deserves so much better than this twit. She will only make him miserable. Frankly, the pairing is forced as there is no chemistry between them and there’s no reason why Deniz should even like this girl much less be in love with her. I know a lot of fans don’t like it because they think that Joscha and Deniz are ‘destined’ to be together (I never believed that), but my reasons are just that Mel and Deniz don’t click. Period. I don’t care who he winds up with as long as it’s not her.

I did like the little fight Deniz and Joscha had, especially as it ended with Deniz taking off his pants in anger. LOL!

Deniz shows Joscha his assets

General Hospital (U.S.)

How nice that Felix is actually dating. Too bad it’s taking place off screen while we don’t miss a minute of his dishing out love advice and helping the ladies of Port Charles with their problems — when he’s not drooling over the straight guys in town that he’ll never have a chance with.

As for the story, the show is pushing Franco and Carly, but we’re just supposed to ignore that she was involved with Todd, who looks just like Franco no less than a year ago. The show doesn’t even mention that character (for legal reasons, I understand, but still, it really hurt story-wise).

I realize the show is taking advantage of that chemistry between the actors, but it’s essentially the same story since Roger Howarth is playing Todd just under a different name and with a messier background. The writers have worked overtime to ret-con much of Franco’s murderous actions by blaming it on a brain tumor. Such lazy writing and slap in the face to viewers who watched all the terrible things Franco did (though James Franco was playing the role then). Though I do think Carly and Felix are fun to watch together. I just want Felix to have his own life and romances. On screen, please.

I did like seeing Robin Mattson as Heather Webber. Mattson has long been one of my favorite soap actresses and I loved her as Heather when I watched GH briefly back in the 80’s. And Maura West is killing it as Ava Jerome. Such a good actress, though her performance here still makes me miss her as ATWT’s Carly.

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