Langford on Soaps: Chandler Massey Leaving Days?


Plus, Days‘ other exits, Chris gets a new man on Neighbours, Todd Grimshaw is back on Coronation Street and a new gay storyline on German soap All That Matters. Also, are gays returning to Emmerdale?

All That Matters (Germany)

I haven’t watched All That Matters since Roman died a couple of years ago. I always liked this show and Roman and Deniz as a couple and preferred it over the other popular German soap Forbidden Love. But I thought the show was done with gay stories, despite their incredible popularity, and I definitely thought we’d never see Deniz in another relationship with a man. But it looks like that’s where we are headed with the introduction of Joscha.

I think what I’m enjoying the most, so far, is Can’s presence in the story. He’s a fun, dynamic character and livens up every scene he’s in. But, it was nice to see Deniz again. And I think it’s a neat twist that the macho soccer player Joscha is gay while his dancer brother is straight. Yet as much as I’m glad to have a new gay story, I really, truly wish it was not another coming out drama, especially on a show that has already done one.

Joscha was devastated by the loss of his boyfriend…

I mean, sitting through weeks of scenes of Joscha pretending to be straight, getting a girlfriend and not being able to have sex with her before things kick off with Deniz is just not appealing to me. I’ve just been through so many coming out stories so many times it’s hard for me to imagine it being interesting or there being a new twist to a tired old trope. But I’m going to give it a try and keep my complaining to a minimum. Well, we’ll see about that last one, won’t we?

I do admit it was nice seeing that super hot Ben again. I have always hated his character, but he might be one of the sexiest guys I’ve seen on any soap. Thank God he likes to takes his clothes off often!

General Hospital (U.S.)

Ugh, I’m ready to take a break from this show.  I really don’t care for what the show is doing with Felix. Plus, Sabrina and Patrick are just so boring, lacking any chemistry and all this drama in their relationship is just tired nonsense. And, I don’t understand the appeal of that annoying Spinelli. I find myself changing the channel during his scenes with Ellie (actually most of this show makes me want to change the channel). The most entertaining aspect is the sleazy lab tech Brad, the only thing worth watching.

But what I really, really don’t like is that the show is setting up for another coming out drama. This regime did it at One Life To Live and it was tired then. That hasn’t changed a few years later on another soap. It is realistic that Felix would be out to his friends and co-workers, but not out to his family. But it doesn’t make it interesting. Felix probably won’t get a boyfriend until that story arc is played out. So let’s hope it is and soon.

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