Langford on Soaps: Chandler Massey Leaving Days?


Say goodbye to Chandler Massey and Camila Banus

We’ve been discussing the long rumored exits of Chandler Massey (Will) and Casey Deidrick (Chad) for months and now it seems those exits have been confirmed. According to Nelson Branco, both actors will be leaving Days of Our Lives. Massey will shoot his last scenes in December, while Deidrick tweeted last week that he’s already filmed his exit scenes from the show. But because of Days’ shooting schedule those scenes will not air until October so we’ll have Chad (at least as played by Deidrick because there’s talk the show will recast the part) on screen for a few more months.

Consequently, while Massey will bid the soap goodbye in December, he will continue to air until next March or perhaps April. But Massey and Deidrick aren’t the only young actors to be going. Branco also reports that Camila Banus, who plays Will’s baby mama Gabi is also leaving the show and will be filming her last scenes at the end of the year as well. While Deidrick and Banus plan to move on to new projects, in fact, it’s rumored that Banus has a film role ahead for her, Massey reportedly will return to college and get his degree.

Casey Deidrick is leaving the show as well…

Of course, this leaves a lot of questions in the air. With both Massey and Banus leaving at the same time, will the roles simply be recast? (And for those of you who believe that the roles, especially Will, aren’t recastable, let’s not forget that both actors are recasts themselves!) Or will one or both of the characters be written out? It’s hard to see either Will or Gabi up and simply leaving town because they are now parents to an infant, not to mention Will’s relationship with Sonny, played by Freddie Smith.

What do these exits mean for Freddie Smith’s Sonny? And Sonny and Will?

In this columnist’s opinion, the show should simply recast Will. He’s a legacy character and makes up a big part of the show’s younger generation and is needed on the canvas. Besides, daytime has so few gay characters and it would be a shame to lose one (and end a popular gay duo) because one of the actors decided to leave. As for Gabi, she can leave town (perhaps to care for her sick mother) and take the baby with her. As regular readers know, I’ve never liked the idea of giving Will a baby and this would free Will (and Sonny) for stories that don’t center around the baby and perhaps focus on the sudsy goings on of a young gay couple. And with a new Will settling in, the focus could turn on Sonny for change and give him some story attention that is not about Will, his baby or his family.

But there’s no word on what Days plans to do and with these exits not happening for quite some time, it’ll probably be awhile before we know what’s ahead. Keep reading this column for future updates.

Todd Grimshaw is making his way back to the Street…

One of Coronation Street’s more popular characters returns when Bruno Langley, who played Todd Grimshaw, begins appearing as a regular this fall. Years ago, Todd had a long running coming-out storyline and a romance with a nurse named Karl. Todd left town after he and Karl broke up and returned last year for a brief visit with his family, bringing his new boyfriend Jules. The show is keeping mum to why Todd is coming back, but it’s likely he and Jules have split since we last saw them. The show promises plenty of drama upon Todd’s return, saying that more than one heart will be broken.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Todd is going to come between Marcus Dent and his girlfriend Maria Connor. Marcus fell in love with Maria and embarked on a romantic relationship with her, even though he still identifies as a gay man. According to The Mirror, Marcus is going to be attracted to Todd and find himself torn between Maria and the new man in his life. Todd, however, will be determined to steal Marcus away from his girlfriend. The show promises this is going to a major, controversial storyline this fall.

Coronation Street has never shied away from controversial issues and this will be one of the most talked about ever.” a show insider said. “Producers are delighted to have Todd’s character back and he will be thrown straight into the centre of a big story.”

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