Leave Miley Cyrus (and Adam Shankman) Alone!

TMZ just released a seven-month-old grainy video of the cast and crew wrap party for The Last Song, and thanks to the internet and a lot of Rupert Murdoch-owned publications expressing disapproval, this wrap party clip is likely to be seen by more people than the movie itself.

In the supposedly scandalous video then 16-year-old Miley Cyrus can be seen on the dance floor with 44-year-old director Adam Shankman doing the bump and grind. (The video goes into close-up and a looped slow motion to make it appear far more lurid than it probably was.)

Honestly, the thing seems tame to me, and if I were Miley Cyrus’ parents it wouldn’t set off any alarm bells. For starters, everyone knows Shankman is gay, so it’s not like their "forbidden dance" was going to progress into anything more serious.

Further, it is apparent that Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman are very close friends – despite their age difference. You may have noticed him sitting right beside her in the audience the week she mentored the American Idol contestants. There was also that candid twitpic of Miley that Adam released awhile back and got criticized for. (That was a similar "scandal" I couldn’t quite fathom, but people were up in arms over it.)

Let’s get real. Miley Cyrus is a very mature 17-year-old. She’s also pretty powerful, both in her career – and also it appears in her personal life. No one can honestly believe the balance of power in Miley and Adam’s relationship lies with Adam. So it’s not exactly as if he could take advantage of her, even if he were inclined to.

The person who sold the home video to TMZ claimed to have been "offended" by MilDam‘s behavior. Yeah right. They just saw a paycheck and wanted to cash in. 

Now publications like The Sun and The Financial Times are piling on with prose constructed to stir up public disapproval:

"The video reportedly shows Shankman, an openly gay man, with a drink
in hand as he grinds up against Cyrus’ backside on the dance floor,
while she grinds back as well.

The Disney star, then 16, then turns around and seductively
opens the top layer of her shirt, teasing Shankman with her flirty
dance moves."

You know what we need right now? We need another Chris Crocker video where he takes up the cause and tells everyone to "Leave Miley (and Adam) Alone!"

The TMZ video appears after the break. Let us know what you think of this so called scandal in the comments.

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