Liveblogging “As The World Turns”: Noah Who?

Now that Nuke has petered out … I guess enough time has passed for Luke to move on. What are you looking at? It’s been 24 hours. He can’t stay single forever!

But could it be possible that he … feels something … for his arch-nemesis?

Join us for the fun and refresh for updates!

2:05PM EST: AAAAHGHH!! It’s a Paul episode! On the plus side, it’s also a Meg episode. Yeah, we get to see more of “For Whom the Bell Jar Tolls”.

Large Angry Man punches Reid, which is hilarious, but would have been better with a giant *BOFF* or *THWACK* on the screen, ala Batman. Luke hilariously just stands there, eyes wide. HA!

Yeah, it’s a Lucinda episode! She tries to convince the kids that they’ll all be a family soon again. Faith is not convinced. Or should I say “New Faith”. They replaced the old Faith with a … thinner version. I think i’ll call her Faith-less.

2:15PM EST: Large Angry Man continues to pummel Reid (remember, “kick, punch, It’s all in the mind!) when Luke FINALLY intercedes. Reid says “I told you to stay out of this!”. Large Angry Man stops and says “I thought this would make me feel better, but it doesn’t. Beating you up is not going to bring me back …MIAMI”??? Um …okay. He leaves, and Reid tells Luke “Quit gawking! Show’s over!”

Lucinda tries to convince Faithless that everything will work out, but Faithless thinks she needs to be more proactive in making sure another disaster doesn’t befall the family. Lucinda says, as only Lucinda can “Oh, I don’t think it would be a good idea to interfeeeeeeere, Faith!”.

2:25PM EST: Molly arrives at the house, and is immediately berated by Lucinda, who tells her she doesn’t belong there. Holden says “Molly is a part of our family now”. While the rest of the family is in the kitchen, Molly tells Faithless she knows all about the pot, and the boarding school, and the suspension. Molly says “I know what you’re going through. I was in reform school once. With Linda Blair. Stella Stevens was the warden. It was not a happy time”.

Reid tries to walk away, but Luke catches up and wants to know what happened. Reid says “I told you it was none of your business!”. Luke becomes HOT ANGRY LUKE and raises his voice, saying “You know, you have a real problem with answering to people. You get real defensive when your back is to the wall!” Reid says “My back is not to the wall, it’s to you!”. Um … okay, that joke writes itself.

2:40PM EST: OOH! Meg’s crazysitter is hot! He can cart me away anytime he wants. There’s a reason why those cells are padded!

Reid barks at a nurse at the hospital, and then looks … no way … it can’t be …. he looks … almost …. sorry.

Luke is pouting at home when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Reid. Hmm …

Reid comes in and says “it’s not as big as I thought”. WHA? Oh, the house. He says “about what happened, earlier. I want you to forget what you saw”. Luke says “I think there’s something more to that story, or you wouldn’t be so afraid of it.”. Reid says “please just keep it to yourself”. Luke agrees, but only if Reid tells him the truth about Large Angry Guy and Miami.

2:45PM EST: Reid explains that Large Angry Guy had a daughter who had a brain tumor, and she would have died in a week if he hadn’t operated. It turns that the girl lived another year, but the Large Angry Guy was still upset. And somehow, The Judds became involved. I’m still not sure how Miami figures into any of this, though.

Luke spouts some gobbledygook about Reid feeling that he failed, and that’s why he didn’t fight back, and that’s what makes him “such a good doctor”. Reid turns around with an expression like “what did you call me?”.

2:55PM EST: Reid says “You don’t have to worry about me hurting your boyfriend when I crack open his skull”. Luke tells Reid “Noah’s not my boyfriend, anymore. so you don’t have to worry about me getting in your way”. Reid says “the two of you broke up? I’m not surprised. You were all over him all the time. He didn’t have room to breathe. Your guilt overwhelmed him.”

Luke grabs Reid and pushes him toward the door, saying “get out!”. Reid pushes back, saying “I’ve been pushed around enough today! I’d advise you to stop!” They play grabby hands a bit more, and exchange some hot smoldering glances, and then separate. Reid rushes out, leaving Luke to stand their gasping in astonishment, with a “WTF just happened?” look on his face.

Preview Time: That’s it for this week. Hopefully they’ll eventually do more than just brush up against each other.

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