Liveblogging “Brothers & Sisters”: “Rhapsody of the Flesh”

Luc‘s mother visits and meddles in everyone’s life. And someone’s having tons of sex in the restaurant. Could it be Kevin and Scotty? Probably not! Join us for the fun starting at 10PM EST.

We open with another terrifying scene as a horrifying zombie drags a girl into a storeroom and starts eating her face. This is some sick sh …. oh wait, this isn’t The Walking Dead (which is on right now on AMC), it’s Brothers & Sisters … and that’s just Justin macking on some girl named Kimberly.

As they grope each other next to the vat of pickle chips and the box of urinal cakes, Scotty comes in and sees them, quickly says sorry, and closes the door. He and Justin then have a very loud and awkward conversation about the “lunch rush.” Justin mentions needing olives and trying to “get some,” which raises Scotty’s decibel level two-fold (because the louder you are after witnessing an awkward situation, the less likely you are to have to scour your eyes with bleach).

Nora angrily storms into the radio station break room and rants to Hawk the Slayer about their right wing colleague, who called her show “Ask Madam Mao.” Ooh! I remember that game. “Madam Mao I take ten baby steps forward?” “No, you may not. But you may do three bunny hops and become a communist leader.”

Hawk tells her that the asshat’s sponsors are a security system and potency pills, which for some reason makes me think of Charlie Sheen

Hawk invites Nora over to his house using the tired old “Leonard Bernstein is on PBS” line, and Nora falls for it! How naive.

Nora calls Kevin … for relationship advice. Kevin tells her “be careful mixing business with pleasure. Oh, and don’t miss his big night because you’re too busy feeling sorry for yourself.”

Kevin tells her he has to get back to work. He’s busy and Justin is working a bimbo double shift. She asks where Saul is, and he says Saul is at a wine seminar or something. I have a feeling that’s the only time Saul will be referenced in this episode.

After Kevin hangs up, Justin and Angie emerge from the back. Kevin notices that Angie’s hands are freezing and her headlights are beaming. She admits that she and Kevin were in the walk-in cooler “getting beer.” Uh-Huh.

We cut to Luc, who’s busy scribbling some more “art” when Sarah comes in … and from the looks of her pantsuit she’s on her way to her new job as a State Prison Warden.

She found out that Luc’s mom called, and wants to know why he’s so cold towards her. Luc tells her that his mom wanted to come for a visit and he nixed it, because he has to “work,” and because well, he doesn’t want her in his life.

He refuses to elaborate, and as Sarah is leaving, she opens the door to find Luc’s mom Gabriela, played by legendary Brazilian actress Sonia Braga, whose illustrious career includes being a figment of William Hurt‘s imagination and turning Samantha temporarily lesbian on Sex & The City

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