Liveblogging “One Life To Live”: Gay Mecca?

We’re not sure if we’ll get a glimpse of Knish today, but it is the beginning of the um … much discussed election storyline, as Dorian and Viki compete for Llanview’s apparently crucial gay votes.

Join us for the fun, and refresh for updates!

2:05PM EST: Dorian tries to convince DVTM to pretend to be gay, and he says “I won’t pretend to be something I’m not!” Dorian’s eyes fall out and roll across the floor. She says “It’s too bad you don’t still have that little dog. That little dog would sell it!”

Blair informs Todd that TBTD is still married to Ross, who, meanwhile, has just surprised TBTD at her house.

2:10PM EST This is hilarious. So Jarod is caught standing over the dead body, and then picks up the murder weapon (yeah, because that will explain why it has fingerprints on it). He feigns stupidity about it.

Dorian reminds DVTM that he makes a living pretending to be something he’s not. He says no one will believe that he’s gay. “I’m way too rugged and outdoorsy. People find me dangerous”. Dorian reminds him that he gets weekly pedicures, and he says “Women like a well-groomed man”. She counters with “eyebrow waxing?”, and he sputters “I had a coupon for that and it was a one-time thing”. Dorian’s plan involves telling the media that she divorced him because she wanted to help him through his journey of self-discovery. He says “No one is going to believe that I’m gay. I’m handsome, charismatic, and quick to turn a phrase … Hmm, I’m starting to see your point”.

2:25PM EST: Blair tells Todd “You believe me, I can see it in your eyes”. And she’s probably right. Todd is definitely having doubts about TBTD now. What he wouldn’t give for a dying unicorn right about now.

2:35PM EST: OOH! Angry Tea is almost as hot as Angry Kyle and Angry Luke!

DVTM refuses Dorian’s offer, saying he won’t go “gay for pay”. The doorbell rings, and after first screaming for “the help” to answer, she answers it herself. It’s intriguing new character Amelia Bennett who Dorian mistakes for Mel (who I’m a bit sketchy about, but I’m sure someone will explain it to me). T/Y TO DAVE DOTY, who explains that “When Dorian’s husband Mel died, his spirit appeared to her as a black woman (played by this actress) whenever her plots got too dark to push her back onto the right path. “

2:45PM EST: Amelia informs Dorian that she’s the best campaign manager Dorian could ever hope to find, and she’s blunt. So blunt that she blurts out “I’m a lesbian” and that if Dorian is sincere about reaching out to the gay community, then she should hire her. Dorian agrees, to the horror of DVTM.

2:50PM EST: Dorian is clearly up to something, as she tells Amelia that she’s hired, and wants her to stick close to her during the campaign. When Dorian walks away with a shattered DVTM, Amelia narrows her eyes and says to herself “that was easier than I thought”. Hmm …

Todd asks TBTD point blank “are you married to another man?”

Preview Time: Oliver finds out Staci is preggers!

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