Liveblogging “One Life To Live”: Tonight’s The Night

July 20, 1969 – Man walks on the moon.

September 19, 1970 – Mary Richards throws her hat into the air.

November 21, 1980 – We learn who shot J.R..

September 30, 1983 – Manimal premieres on NBC.

*December 30, 2009 – Oliver and Kyle make love.

*While it’s still too early to know whether that last entry will join the rest on the list of iconic television moments, I don’t think it’s hyperbole to suggest that after Oliver and Kyle make love … our world, as we know it, will be changed forever.

Oh, but there’s no pressure, guys!

Anyway … join us for the fun, and refresh for updates!

2:05PM EST: The Mayor’s Ball is in full swing as Eli (who looks great in a tux, but even better without one) and TBTD show up in time to see Dorian demand Bo‘s badge.

Ford tells Langston “I’ve been thinking about you, especially when I take my bucket baths”.

Stacy is startled to see Oliver standing behind her, and inquires if he overheard her whole “OLIVER FISH IS NOT MY BABY DADDY” monologue. He says “I didn’t hear anything you were saying”, and as he walks away, she shows she hasn’t learned her lesson and delivers another self-incriminating soliloquy “GEE, I”M GLAD OLIVER DIDN’T HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID ABOUT HIM NOT BEING THE BABY DADDY”. Oh Stacy.

2:15PM EST: Rex tells Oliver that he has a table waiting for him and Kyle, but Oliver says “don’t worry about it, Kyle made other plans”.

Nick tries to kiss Kyle (which doesn’t look like the same kiss we ended with yesterday), and Kyle immediately pulls away and says “what the hell are you doing? I’m with Oliver now”. Nick says “well, Oliver’s not here”.

Nick tells him “we had something really good, Kyle”. Kyle says “i’m in love with Oliver and we’re together now”. Nick says “Oliver doesn’t need to know”. Oh no. Kyle starts to put the pieces together and asks Nick if he’s been manipulating the situation this whole time … “Was Oliver right about you?” He asks Nick if he knew that the other room was available, and Nick says “if you want me to move to that guy’s Joplin’s room, I will”. Oh Nick, that was a fatal mistake.

Roxy never said whose room it was when she burst in, so there’s no way Nick could have known … unless he was the one who intercepted her phone call. Kyle goes ballistic, realizing what Nick has been doing and says “what else have you been lying to me about?” Nick feebly tries to argue, but Kyle threatens to call Amelia and find out if she really told Nick he couldn’t stay with her. And with that, Nick’s house of cards has come crashing down.

2:25PM EST: Kyle is furious, and screaming at Nick, but Nick tries to explain that after the bashing he was scared, and he convinced himself that he couldn’t be alone, and Kyle was there. But he didn’t realize how much Kyle loved Oliver.

Both guys are teary-eyed as Nick tells Kyle he should go after Oliver, and when he gets back Nick will be gone, either in the other room or with Amelia. Kyle grabs his coat and runs out.

Oliver tells Rex he’s going to take off because staying there watching all those happy people is only going to make him feel worse.

Gigi and Schuyler have been making love almost the whole episode. Will our guys get that chance? Just asking.

Kyle rushes in to Ultraviolet and Rex tells him that Oliver left.

Ford and Markko get into it over Ford’s “hot body”. Those are Starr‘s actual words. In a hilarious scene, Markko looks over to see Ford seductively bringing a beer to his lips and flexing at the same time.

2:35PM EST: Bora are trying to do damage control, but it’s too late.

Kyle finds Oliver and tells him that he was right about Nick and asks if he can forgive him. Oliver gloats a bit and says “you were a total jerk … but if you’ve seen the light …”. They make-up, and Oliver says ‘you wanna get a drink?” Kyle smiles and says “I have a better idea”, and they both leave.

2:45PM EST: The whole Danyellla crisis has been averted. TBTD promises her that she’ll never have anything to do with Todd again.

Bo and Nora are being icky.

Finally, here we go …

CANDLES! Lots o’ candles. And their song is playing! I’ve got goosebumps, I’m not ashamed to admit. They gently caress each other, and strip off each other’s shirt. The camera pans down to a dual crotch shot, then we see them in bed as Kyle strokes Oliver’s face, and they kiss. Oliver … is on top. COMMERCIAL!

2:55PM EST: Fireworks are literally going off as Oliver and Kyle bask in their afterglow. Oliver beams and says “will it always be like this?” Kyle smiles and says “always”. Kyle turns over and Oliver spoons him. Kyle grabs Oliver’s hand and kisses it. Wow. Just Beautiful.

Preview Time: That’s it for this week. What did you think? Keeping in mind that this is daytime, I thought that it was handled sweetly. But now I want more!

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