Madonna’s 55 Best Videos, In Honor of Her 55th Birthday


It’s Madonna‘s 55th birthday, an occasion that you should make you dance, sing, get up, do your thing, strike a pose, take a bow, push your love over the borderline, give it 2 me, and fly like a zephyr in the sky at night. Madonna is Elvis with brains, Michael Jackson with gravitas, Lady Gaga with legend, and Aphrodite in stagewear. She is bigger than mythology, perhaps the greatest celebrity of all time, and the hardest-working self-expresser we know. Today we celebrate her unbeatable career with another seismic countdown: her 55 greatest videos ever. Have your picks all lined up? Good. Get ready to compare notes.

We start the countdown with speedy blurbs of the mentioned videos, but once we hit the #25 mark, we enter serious discussion about the legendary clips, choreography, and poses at hand. This is Madonna, the eternal doyenne of music video, and these are her 55 best videos.

55. “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”: One somber, sepia take.


54. “Jump”: And jump she does.

53. “You’ll See”: Luxurious leftovers of “Take a Bow”

52. “You Must Love Me”: Oscar-winning sadness

51. “Get Together”: Babe in clubland


50. “Turn Up the Radio”: Pumping volume, procuring men

49. “Nothing Really Matters”: Mutations of a geisha

48. “4 Minutes”: Bringing sexy back (to the apocalypse)

47. “Dear Jessie”: An animated love parade


46. “True Blue”: Girl group choreography fits Madonna… like a glove!

45. “Hollywood”: Maid in America.

44. “Holiday” (Blonde Ambition): All across the world, in ev-e-ry nation! (Except when she’s banned.)

43. “Dress You Up”: Virgin Tour vivaciousness

42. “Girl Gone Wild”: MDNA‘s B&W bliss


41. “Sorry”: Rollicking roller disco

40. “Everybody”: Cheap and oozing with starpower, then and now.

39. “Give It 2 Me”: Bouncy, bouncy hard candy

38. “Love Profusion”: Lost in a sensual screensaver


37. “Don’t Tell Me”: Lonesome dove meets handsome horsemen

36. “I’ll Remember”: Poetic regret with honors

35. “Into the Groove”: Desperately seeking radio play, getting it.

34. “La Isla Bonita”: Barrio beauty


33. “Fever”: Sweaty, silvery Peggy Lee passion

32. “American Life” (original): Heavy-handed, bad-ass Bushbashing

31. “Hung Up”: Gimme, gimme, gimme this glorious ABBA meditation (after midnight)

30. “Cherish”: Herb Ritts’ majestic mermen

29. “Deeper And Deeper”: Peeling away Edie Sedgwick’s inhibitions in a velvet underground


28. “Beautiful Stranger”: The spry dame who shagged me

27. “Like a Virgin”: Gonzo for gondolas!

26. “Rain”: Hand-colored, tear-streaked double entendre



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