“Magic Mike” Releases Two New Stills. We Take An In-Depth Look

As we get closer to the opening date of June 29th, Magic Mike is looking more and more like a film that will define a generation, much as Rebel Without A Cause, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Pam & Tommy: Stolen Honeymoon did before it.

Two new stills from the film have been released, which provide further proof that this is more than “that stripper movie,” it’s a glimpse into the very nature of our existence … a window to our souls.

In this first pic, cock of the walk Mike (Channing Tatum) is front and center, overshadowing his comrades-in-flesh. Is it confidence or insecurity that compels him to be the star? Is the velour masking an inner sterility?

And what of Ken (Matt Bomer), who’s obviously trying to emulate the bigger-than-life Mike. As he tears his jacket off, is it a symbolic gesture? Is he shedding his constraints? Or are we not allowed to ask these questions of him?

Then we have Tito (Adam Rodriguez), who is obviously pissed … about being named Tito, and finally, Big Dick Richey (Joe Manganiello). Almost lost in the shadows, he observes his surroundings with a a jaundiced eye, knowing he’s hotter than all of these men combined, but thanking the fates that his parents didn’t name him Small Peter.

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