Margaret Cho On Being “Lady Bodacious,” Her Mother Tour and Dressing for the Emmys

Drop Dead Diva, Margaret Cho has a new stand-up tour starting soon

Whether she’s rocking out as a musician, making us laugh talking about her Mom in her stand-up, guest starring on 30 Rock (and scoring an Emmy nomination!) or playing Teri on the fourth season of the Lifetime hit series Drop Dead Diva, Margaret Cho always gives 110%. And as if she weren’t busy enough shooting Diva and trying to figure out what to wear for next month’s Emmy show, Cho dons a wig and sexy Gaga-esque outfit in this week’s episode as “Lady Bodacious“. We jumped on the phone with Cho to get the details on her Emmy outfit and on becoming a Lady.

AfterElton: First of all, your Emmy nomination! Congratulations!
Margaret Cho:
Thank you. I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be great!

AE: Where are you with what you’ll wear to the show because I know that’s a big deal, right?
I haven’t found anything yet. I don’t know, it’s such a long day…you just go in early for the day and if you wear a gown, it’s so uncomfortable. I don’t know. Someone has to offer to make me something because I’m not going to go shopping.

AE: Do you have a team to help you out?
No! One would think but I’m just trying…a 90s girl is my aesthetic. I’ve never been comfortable dressing up. I’m not in the mindset.

AE: Where did “Lady Bodacious” come from?
It came from Josh [Berman, creator] but I am a musician so it makes sense to have that be a part of my story. It’s really exciting to put the music on the show that I work on and which I love. It’s a lot of fun and I, of course, love Lady Gaga. Every singer/songwriter just wants to put on a wig and an Applonia 6 outfit.

AE: Joan Rivers has been on this season as Jane’s subconscious. Had you met her before?
Yes, we’re friends and she’s a major influence in terms of comedy for me. I really adore her. I can’t think of anybody better for our show. She’s just marvelous.

AE: Do you think you’ll be doing what you do when you get to be her age? She’s a machine who does not stop!
Yes, which is great. I would hope so! That’s the goal and that’s something that I certainly would love to do.

AE: On the show, part of Teri’s story is with Luke (Carter MacIntyre), the new angel on the show. How is having the Luke character on the show as opposed to Fred (Ben Feldman)?
Yeah, it’s all different. The character is different from Fred but I love Carter and the character is so funny. Craig is a really, really funny guy, too. He’s really hilarious.

AE: He’s pretty cute, too!
Yeah! And so is Ben, who is also nominated for an Emmy this year for Mad Men!

(l-r) Josh Stamberg, April Bowlby, Jackson Hurst, Joan Rivers, Cho,
Brooke Elliott, Kate Levering, Carter MacIntyre

AE: There’s a lot of Cher talk and jokes about her farewell tours in the show but I think you can never have enough of a Cher farewell tour! Do you agree?
I never want her to go away! She’s such an icon for so many things. I’m always ready for Cher!


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