“Mass Effect 3″ To Allow Same-Sex Space Love

“I am so going to get gay space laid”

Video game behemoth Bioware has once again come through for its gay fans. After providing same-sex romance options in its Dragon Age games (and catching flak for doing so), they’ve done the same thing for the third edition of its wildly popular Mass Effect series.

gaygamer.net posted this tweet from Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson.

This is the news that fans of the series have been waiting and hoping for. I’ve played through the first two games multiple times, as both the male and female versions of the lead character Shepard, and it was frustrating to have limited romance options, especially since so many of the other characters were so space bangable.

Space hotties Kaidan, Thane, Jacob, and Joker

The female Shepard was allowed to have both female and male romances, but the male Shepard was limited to straight coupling (and neither Shepard was allowed to romance the hottest character, the adorkable, wisecracking ship pilot Joker).

As gaygamer points out, Hudson does not specifically state that Shepard will be the one allowed same-sex relationships, but Bioware must know that’s what fans want.

And I hope they include Joker as an option. I so want to give him orders.

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