Scott Thompson Misses “Interesting and Flawed” Homosexuals, Zachary Quinto Goes Clubbing, Matt Smith Admires Ryan Gosling’s Abs


Nick Lazzarini can’t twerk, Tabatha Coffey came out twice, and Fox News shortchanges marriage equality victories

Kids In the Hall’s Scott Thompson was gay on TV before being gay on TV was cool.Scott Thompson And he misses the counterculture nature of being gay back then. “This whole marriage thing, I mean I understand it and I’m for it, but my heart isn’t in it. For my generation, it was just staying alive. Gay marriage never crossed my mind! Lesbians hoisted it upon us. I don’t know how a young gay guy can rebel any longer. When I was young, homosexuals were interesting and flawed. They were artists and hung out in cafés and were like Jean Genet, Gore Vidal, and James Baldwin. They were underground and shaping culture. The ones you heard about were the very gifted. The ones who were regular folks were married and in the closet and had their sex in parks. Now all the regular folks are gay and we don’t seem as interesting any longer. I guess that’s progress. I wouldn’t want to have to go back to the time where I had to hide everything.” As a sort of punctuation mark, he mentions wanting to go back to Montreal. “Montreal is wonderful. It is so sexy. There are sex clubs and bath houses and French-Canadians have kilometers of foreskin.”

The Parents Television Council isn’t happy with the new “Check the Box” expansion of the MPAA rating system of movies, which shows parents the details of why a movie was rated PG-13, such as violence or sex. The PTC says the new system lets the MPAA look like they’re doing something without doing anything at all so they can “market those violent films to kids….PG-13 films run Bill Gatesthe gamut from Les Miserables to Drag Me To Hell. And because it applies to everything, in practice, it means nothing.”

Bill Gates is again the richest man in the world with $72.7 biilion in the bank, while Carlos Slim comes in a second with only $72.1 billion. Maybe we can pass a plate to help out Slim?

So. That Arrow finale. It left a question mark that I saw four different recaps say went four different ways. And this interview with EP Marc Guggenheim doesn’t really clear up the fate of Malcolm Merlyn.John Barrowman

Despite what Eugene Delgadio said in his video about delivering one million petitions to Congress to stop the Safe-Schools Non-Discrimination Act, Rotary International has denied any involvement in gathering signatures for the anti-gay activist.

Twitter says that Zachary Quinto dropped by gay D.C. club Cobalt Wednesday night. Anybody see him? Did he bust a move?

Matt Smith is a big fan of his director in How To Catch a Monster, Ryan Gosling. “I have admired his abdominals in Crazy Stupid Love. Yes, he’s a very handsome man, that’s for sure. He’s cool. He’s bright, you know. He’s got a really clear, really brilliant vision for his film. And I’m a huge fan of his Ryan Goslingwork as an actor. I think he makes brilliant choices.”

It was big news when out DJ Nick Grimshaw took over the BBC Radio One breakfast gig last year, but things aren’t going so smooth, with the show shedding a million listeners since he took over. A million people still listen to radio?

The Texas House has passed a bill that claims to be about religious freedom, but instead legalizes discrimination by publicly funded college clubs on the basis of race, religion, veteran status, HIV/AIDS status, gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. I can’t wait for a club to band someone for being a Christian to see how that goes over.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that his niece is a school teaSeth Meyerscher, and a lesbian. And she’s a reason we need ENDA. “Her employment shouldn’t be affected with that. We should have a law that says that, not just the good graces of wherever you work.”

Seth MeyKeahu Kahuanuiers will return to Saturday Night Live in the fall, but only for a half season before leaving to prepare for Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Fox News devoted exactly one minute combined to the news that Delaware, Rhode Island, and Minnesota had passed marriage equality. CNN gave the topics 4 minutes, while MSNBC  gave the news 51 minutes.

Keahu Kahuanui was profiled about his move from Hawaii to Los Angeles to pursue acting, and what he does first when he makes it back to the islands.

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