Max Greenfield on “New Girl,” “Greek,” “Happy Endings” and His Favorite Gay Kiss.

You might first have noticed Max Greenfield back when he played the adorable Officer Leo on Veronica Mars. If you
missed that, then AfterElton readers at least remember him as gay frat boy Calvin‘s first onscreen kiss on Greek,
or more recently as Max‘s brief
boyfriend on Happy Endings.

can currently be seen (often shirtless!) in the FOX sitcom New Girl alongside Zooey Deschanel. We caught up with the
much in demand actor at last month’s TCA conference, and he was charming as he could be. Along with details on his new sitcom, he assured us his mother is
a regular AfterElton reader (Hi Jo!), and he bluntly critiqued the gay kissing
skills of both Happy EndingsAdam Pally and Greek‘s Paul James.

If you weren’t a fan of Greenfield before reading this interview, you probably will be after.

Max Greenfield: I
want you to know you’re my mom’s favorite website by a mile and a half because
she gets Google alerts when my name comes up, and I’d say a good 30% of the
time it’s you guys.

AfterElton: We’re not
obsessed stalkers, I swear!
No, you guys
write like the nicest, best stuff about me. I’m honestly very appreciative.

AE: Well, we’re
really appreciative with what you’ve done with gay roles, because even though
it’s 2011 it’s a whole lot better than it was 10 years ago. There are still
actors out there that wouldn’t do one, let alone multiple gay roles, so it’s
really easy to be nice to you and write about you.
Well it’s
important. A lot of people in my life are gay, and I love them all dearly, and
you kind of feel that responsibility when you take on the role to take it as
seriously as you possibly can. Really respect it and play it to the best of
your ability.

AE: You’re smart,
you’re handsome…
Not so smart.

AE: I’m assuming. You
come across as very smart.
(Laughs) Ok.

AE: Anyway, interviewer
goes off track, you seem like you’re the full package. I get why you keep getting cast in gay roles, why do you think you keep getting cast in these
Oddly enough,
both shows that I play gay on I had tested for the pilot for a different role,
and then they had me come back on to play the two roles. I was actually really
happy about the Greek role, I really
thought that was a great role. I thought it was exciting.

We knew it was going to be the first onscreen kiss on ABC
Family and I was really excited. I knew Paul James from before and I thought it
was going to be, and I also knew Carter Covington, one of the writers and Shawn
Smith, the creator and I knew they would do a really good job with it and they
did. So that was kind of exciting and I knew they wanted to use me so when the
next thing came up I think it was one of those things where they knew I would
take it seriously and respect it and I all kind of worked out. On Happy Endings
I tested for the pilot for Zack’s role and I didn’t get it and I was still
close with the producers and I told them, “listen if you guys ever have me back
on the show I want to play Adam’s boyfriend.

AE: Did you really?
Yes, because
I love Adam and I think he’s hilarious and we became friendly over the audition
process and I said, “listen, if you guys are going to have me back the only
thing I will do on the show is play Adam’s boyfriend.” (Laughs) And sure enough
they had me back and they had me do it.

Greenfield with Adam Pally in Happy Endings

AE: Whatever one
percent of our readership that’s not already Max fans, they just became.

AE: When do you hear
an actor say, “I want you to write me a gay part and come back and kiss the
guy?” That’s bold, that’s all I can say. So who’s a better kisser? Paul James
or Adam Pally? You’re on the spot and you have to give me an answer.
I’ll give you
an answer. I’m going to go Paul James. I love Adam dearly, I don’t feel like he
fully committed. But here’s the thing, it’s weird, one of them is a one-hour
and the other one’s a half-hour and you don’t see a lot of full on kissing in
general in half-hours so I think Paul gave me more than Adam did. Maybe if we
were doing a one-hour Adam would have given more, although I doubt it.

Greenfield with Paul James on Greek

AE: I’m going to talk
to Adam on Saturday and I’m going to tell him.
You can tell
him I said it. I think he’ll go along with it. He was an okay kisser although
here’s another reason why Paul’s a little better because Adam goes a little
scruff in the show and I’m not into it. That’s not for me. I like them

AE: My partner’s got
scruff so I know what you mean.
(Laughs) I
like a clean-shaven man if we’re going to do it.

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