Meet Scotty Granger, the “Solo Gay” on Bravo’s “Platinum Hit”

Bravo will premiere their latest reality competition on Monday, May 30th at 10 PM EST, as Platinum Hit which the network promises will bring something unique to the glut of competition shows:

“Platinum Hit follows 12 up-and-coming musicians as they battle through a series of innovative songwriting challenges testing their creativity, patience and drive. From dance track to love ballad, every episode will feature a different theme that will require the contestants to write and perform lyrics from multiple genres. Their intimate life stories and personal drama will unfold within the show and in their lyrics as they compete and live together. In the end, only one will be crowned the ultimate hitmaker and walk away with a $100,000 cash prize, publishing deal with Sony, BMI Songwriters The Writing Camp, and a recording deal with RCA/Jive.”

Kara DioGuardi is the head judge, with Jewel and her small hands (they’re not yours, they are her own) serving as host and fellow judge. Among the guest judges for the first season are Leona Lewis, Natasha Bedingfield, and Donna Summer.

Usually when we preview reality competitions, we present the show’s “Team Gay,” but of the 12 contestants on Platinum Hit, only one is currently out, so let’s take a closer look at “Solo Gay” Scotty Granger.

Scotty hails from New Orleans and currently resides in Los Angeles. He lists his musical influences as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Brian McKnight and Elton John, and he’d most like to write a song for Celine Dion. According to his bio, his family has had a tough time accepting his sexuality:

Growing up as the younger brother of NBA All-Star Danny Granger, and great nephew of gospel legend Mahalia Jackson, expectations have always been high for Scotty Granger. Most of his extremely religious family members shunned Granger after finding out he was gay. This struggle along with his parents divorce, living through Hurricane Katrina, and dropping out of college, all led Granger to focus on his music career. He has written a number of chart topping European dance club hits, but wants to gain success and popularity in America as a bona fide songwriting force. Granger is convinced that no one in this competition can match his musical knowledge or optimistic attitude. More importantly, he’s positive that when he reaches the top he will finally prove those who ever doubted him wrong.”

We’ll have an interview with Scotty coming up, and below you can see him as he meets some of the other contestants, who are … well let’s just say there’s a fine line between confident and eye-rollingly obnoxious.

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