Meet Your Gay of the Week: Sam Adama from SyFy’s “Caprica”

This week’s winner is a Tauron by birth, but currently resides on the great planet (and TV show) known as "Caprica", where in between hit man assignments he gives sage advice to his young nephew. He may be a killer, but he’s a great gay uncle.

After only two episodes of SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica prequel, the character has certainly made an impression around here. Me, I think he looks like a tat-covered and beefy Jeff Goldblum, circa Earth Girls are Easy. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

Sam Adama (played by actor Sasha Roiz) narrowly beats out Calvin and Grant, the gay frat couple on Greek

Join us Friday when we present four new contenders for the throne!

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