Meme: Ben Whishaw Confirms Civil Partnership, Twelve Is Announced, “Kill Your Darlings” Teases


Jennifer Lopez close to Idol return, lost Legend of Zelda movie, Behind the Candelabra picks up TCA Award.

Ben Whishaw Mark BradshawCongratulations to Ben Whishaw, the star of many indie movies and as Q in Skyfall, who released a statement confirming that he’s gay, and entered a civil partnership in 2012 with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw in Sydney. Whishaw has been subject to a great deal of speculation about his sexuality in the past, particularly following a vague Out interview, but generally has kept his personal life, not just his love life, very private.

Game of Thrones writer (there seems to be some conflict about that title) Dave Hill and Hanna screenwriter David Farr are working on a script for a new take on the Authurian legend.

San Diego County Clerk Earnest Dronenburg has withdrawn his court challenge as to the constitutionality or Prop 8 being struck down statewide in California. He doesn’t agree that it has, but has decided to let an already filed case on the subject go forward instead of two parallel challenges.

Peter CapaldiThe BBC held a live telecast to announce that the twelfth Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi once Matt Smith regenerates at Christmas, which will also be a worldwide simulcast. While Capaldi has already made two appearances on Doctor Who in the past, the show will likely gloss over that detail. The internet, meanwhile, is going insane that Capaldi was credited as “WHO Doctor” for his role in World War Z.

Former Exodus International president Alan Chambers has a hard time defining his sexual orientation. “As far as my life goes, I am married. I am happily married. There’s not been one day in the course of our nearly 16 years of being married that I’ve been tempted to be unfaithful to my wife. I would say I have an orientation towards her. I do have same-sex attractions. But to say I have same-sex attractions would be the same as saying I was a married man with opposite-sex attractions. I am attracted to my wife in every single way that I as a married man need to be attracted to my wife, and our life is amazing. Am I a gay man? Some people would say you’re gay simply because you have these attractions. Some people would say you’re straight because I’m married. Some people say I’m ex-gay because I’m not leading a gay life.” Personally, I’d say if you’re going to continue talking like this, you haven’t really left the horrific work of Exodus behind you, because you’re still spreading their message of denial.Graham Norton

I suppose it’s equality when newspapers start printing hit pieces on gay celebrities that aren’t hit pieces because they’re gay, but because some ex wants 15 minutes more of fame, like Trevor Patterson, the younger ex of Graham Norton. Patterson tries to paint a picture of a lonely old drunk man obsessed with his dogs, which honestly sounds like the plot of an 80s movie about a gay entertainer. Hope he enjoys his publicity.

After the disaster of last season, Fox looks ready to cough up about $15 million to put Jennifer Lopez at the American Idol judges table. Keith Urban is already confirmed, with negotiations with underway. Carrie Jennifer LopezUnderwood and Kelly Clarkson are supposedly too busy to fill the former Idol slot, so Jennifer Hudson is likely, with no mention of Adam Lambert.

How do the ex-gays spin their laughable rally at the Supreme Court into good news? “While the turnout was humble, the enthusiasm among those who participated in Ex-Gay Pride was immeasurable. Anti-ex-gay extremists are gleeful that ‘less than ten people showed up’…actually, by my count, nine former homosexuals (including an ex-transgender) and a half-dozen more allies came out to lobby Congress and show support at the press conference in front of the Supreme Court. While that number may be small, we have to start somewhere. But let’s imagine double that number showed up, or maybe 50, or perhaps even 100. Would that be enough? For anti-ex-gay extremists, it would not.”

JK Rowling has given the world a lot of information on the future of the Harry Potter characters in various interviews over the years, and Buzzfeed has collected 28 of the coolest, along with fanart illustrating the lives we didn’t get to see.

The Television Critics Association Awards were presented this weekend, with the biggest gay interest win being Behind the Candelabra picking upBehind the Candelabra the Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries or Special. Perhaps the most biting acceptance speech ever given came from producer Jerry Weintraub, “I never heard of the TCA — I’m in the movie business — until about six months ago.”

The Senate approved a large number of nominees, including five out nominees to various posts by voice vote last week, including former OPM chief John Berry as ambassador to Australia, a first for a G-20 country.

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