Meme: Tom Ford Adjusting To Fatherhood, “Spartacus” Returns Uncut (Not Just the Actors), Sara Gilbert Talks About Johnny Galecki’s Role In Her Coming Out


Potpourri of Pearls makes yarmulkes sexy, Chipotle sets the internet on fire, Channing Tatum wants to play Gambit

Tom FordTom Ford is taking the fashion world by storm again, opening new outlets that cater to the extremely wealthy. But it’s fatherhood that freaks him out more than his expanding empire. “I didn’t quite know what to expect. I remember the day before he was born, I was up at like 5 a.m., frantically going to the supermarket in L.A. making sure I had miniature versions of sanitary hand wipes for his diaper bag. I didn’t know what the other side of that cliff was like.”

The wedding photographer that was ruled in violation of anti-discrimination laws in New Mexico after refusing to photograph a same-sex wedding is appealing to the U.S. Supreme court. The thrust is that photography is an artistic expression, and you can’t force someone into an expression they don’t believe in. But what’s stunning from the lawyers is that they also believe they could refuse to photograph an interracial wedding on religious grounds. Just when you thought they had dug as deep a hole as possible, they pull out a backhoe.

Russell BrandWe showed you video this week of Russell Brand at the GQ Awards mentioning that sponsor Hugo Boss once made uniforms for the Nazis. Now he has a rather thoughtful and complete explanation of the evening that delves into the nature of celebrity and awards. It’s worth the read.

Among the changes on the table to get wrestling voted back into the Olympics was a possible change in uniforms, ditching the singlets for tight shorts and shirts, or even shirtless. I’d like to go on record as opposing this. Shirtless we can get from swimming and diving, but nothing bulges like a wrestling singlet, and that’s a sight I’m not willing to give up.

Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance spawned hundreds of complaints to the FCC, which was pointless as the FCC has no control over cableMiley Cyrus content. But they’re worth reading, because just like Tea Party rally signs, these people don’t have a great command of spelling or grammar. Or even her name.

If you need further evidence that the “gay propaganda” law in Russia is a license for violence against the homosexual community at large (as opposed to “protecting children”), this new video that surfaced of a terrified, weeping young man being kidnapped, beaten, stripped and forced to sodomize himself with a bottle should convince you.

Gay marriage is wrong. Science says so.

Meghan McCain has a new show on the Pivot network, and she knows that no matter what she says, she’s going to get grief about it. Considering her prescription for the Republican Party, I doubt that the people that need to watch her will be willing to listen. “And I think if it would simmer down on social issues people would Meghan McCaincome running to this party. There’s such an obsession with women’s reproductive rights, gay marriage, et cetera. And we keep losing elections. And unless we change that attitude and have a comprehensive immigration reform in the next election cycle, we can say sayonara to ever winning again. Period.”

NBA Commissioner David Stern doesn’t want to be drawn into a long discussion on the anti-gay laws in Russia, but he’s not happy about them. “I’m gonna behave myself, for the record here, which is unlike me. But you know, the first phone call to the new head of the Olympics [was] from President [Vladimir] Putin, and everyone wants to talk about the Russian law on homosexuality. Think about the opportunities that sports have to make a continuing statement, and the only thing that we’re saying in that context is ‘Shhhh! No one say anything!’”

McFly is fairly famous for taking off their clothes for Attitude magazine (which they cover again this month), but that’s not the only time they strip down. “We did in McFlyBarbados. We were on holiday, the four of us, with our other halves. Dougie was single at the time. And we met two couples, and we really got on with them. And when our girlfriends went home, we all went skinny-dipping in the sea. It back-fired actually that skinny-dip, because the security guard stole all my money. Whilst I was naked. Do you remember when the security guard was looking for us, and we were lying flat down on the pier not moving, naked?”

I admit that intellectually I like the idea of a la carte cable. I know that the biggest single charge inside my cable bill is for ESPN, which I never watch, which is true of 90% of the channels I get. But bundling allows smaller networks, including Logo to thrive, and A&E was in the same shape before Mad Men. Of course the PTC wants to be able to not pay for networks like FX, because they find Sons of Anarchy offensive, and that’s a Bex Taylor-Klausslippery slope. Even Senator McCain, who champions the legislation, thinks that’s a non-starter. “I don’t agree with that aspect of it. I think people make choices. Nobody forces them to watch those shows… As long as it’s not child pornography, those things that are just beyond the pale — I can’t blame a television show for causing violence. I just can’t. Some people make that connection but I haven’t been able to do that yet.”

I don’t watch House of Lies, but one piece of casting for the show caught my eye. Bex Taylor-Klaus is set to “play Lex, a badass genderqueer basketball player who connects with Marty’s (Don Cheadle) son Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.).”

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