Meme: Loki Is Officially Bisexual, “Players” To Explore Lavender Marriages In Hollywood’s Golden Age, Union J’s Jaymi Hensley To Marry Boyfriend in 2015


The Daily Show‘s gay twist on voter suppression, Paul McCartney has a few friends over, Crest saves Halloween for kids

Loki: Agent of AsgardMarvel writer Al Ewing has announced that in the new comic Loki: Agent of Asgard, our favorite trickster will be canonically bisexual and gender fluid. “Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that. He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.”

Nikki Finke is the most feared entertainment journalist in Hollywood. Deadline is aggressive and pulls no punches with their news and how they source it. Now, after months of speculation that Finke was leaving the site she founded, the lady herself confirmed it on Twitter, saying that after the first of the year she’ll be launching, as soon as her lawyers disentangle her from Deadline.

The CW has purchased a drama from Ellen DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production based in the Golden Age of 1930s Hollywood. Players will follow a young Midwestern woman who heads to Hollywood to avenge the death of her sister in the Hollywood machine, only to get caught up herself as the wife of a closeted movie star’s lavender marriage.

The IFC Center in New York has announced it will not honor the NC-17 rating on Blue Is the Warmest Color and will allow all ages to see the movie. There’s really nothing that the MPAA can do about it, because while there are penalties for studios releasing without a rating, the Jaymi Hensely Olli Marmoncompliance of theaters is entirely voluntary.

Union J star Jaymi Hensley has been engaged to his fiancé Olly Marmon since 2010, and they’ve been together for four years. Now Jaymi says that they’re planning the wedding for early 2015

Clayton Pettet, a gay student at Central St. Martins art school in London has announced that he will lose his virginity in front of a gallery full of art fans in January. He and a friend will engage in safe sex until they, uh, finish, after which he will invite the viewers to critique the performance art piece. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really need a letter grade for my sexual performBrett Ratnerance.

Brett Ratner may be one of the more honest celebrities to ever have to apologize for using the word “fag.” He’s fairly contrite about the comment that cost him his chance at producing the Oscars. “It’s indefensible. I immediately apologized. I couldn’t say to everybody, ‘Wait a second, I’m not who you say I am. I’m the guy who did all the PSAs before I was even asked.’ It was just a stupid thing.”

New South Wales in Australia could pass their own version of marriage equality, much like the bill the ACT passed that is being challenged by Prime Minister Abbott.

The Financial Times has put out their list of the 50 Most Powerful Out Corporate Executives. Topping the list is Antonio Simoes of HSBC. “We can easily justify why Antonio Simoes is number one. Antonio scores very highly in every criteria – he’s a chief executive, out in financial services, has driven the diversity agenda in HSBC, challenges stereotypes, and won diversity leader of the year at the European Diversity Awards.”

Everyone is throwing a fit about not working great, but as David Mixner reminds us, dealing with health insurance has always sucked. This is just the national version of being stuck on hold waiting to find out if they’ll approve your cancer treatment. Even as someone with employer provided health insurance, I just selected my policy for next year, and if I had kept my current coverage and company, my rates would have gone up 62%, so I had to make a switch.

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