Meme: Rory O’Malley Not Worried About Being Typecast, Chris Messina Shakes It On “The Mindy Project,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fears Sharia Law Over a Swim Class


HBO considers a Real Sex reboot with a gay man, Linda Harvey calls President Obama racist against African-Americans, and who’s returning for Glee’s 100th?

Rory O'MalleyRory O’Malley says he doesn’t worry about being typecast in gay roles. “I definitely don’t get leery about being typecast. I just love being cast… I love playing gay characters. I think it’s fantastic that there have been these rich gay characters for me to do… They’re fully-formed people, with points of view, and something different to bring to the story.”

HBO is developing a series on the club scene in South Beach called Club Life: Miami from producers John Singleton and Russell Simmons. Based on the locale and the involvement of Simmons, I think it’s safe to say we can expect some gay content if it goes to series.

Peyton Reed, who helmed Bring It On and The Break Up is set to direct The Fifth Beatle, based on the life of closeted Beatles manager Brian Epstein. The film has huge support with access to the John Lennon/Paul McCartney song catalog, a first.

You need to set aside some time to read Sex, Lies and HIV: What You Don’t Tell Your Partner Is a Crime, because it’s must have information about the shameful Gleecriminalization of HIV and the people who have suffered under these laws, some with decades long jail sentences when there was no transmission of the virus.

Ryan Murphy tweeted that he had invited back all the original cast members for the 100th episode of Glee, and now we know that Heather Morris, Mark Salling, Harry Shum, Jr. and Amber Riley have all accepted the invitation. The episode is set to air March 18, and will have the cast discussing graduation, which means the show will remain stuck in their time warp for the foreseeable future.

Antigay crackpot Linda Harvey is calling President Obama racist for his support of GLBT rights and a woman’s right to choose, and names Oprah as an enabler. “The slaughter of unborn African American babies, even those who could live outside the womb, the president is apparently okay with that. Young African American males disproportionately contract HIV. Obama’s policies have produced more youth homosexual behavior, not less. If the definition of racism is to support policies that harm people of color, then Barack Obama is the most racist president in U.S. history and Oprah Winfrey is his cheerleader.”Midnight Memories

One Direction has nabbed the top spot on the album charts with Midnight Memories, selling 526,000 copies in the first week.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers, five Democrats and five Republicans have sent a letter to Speaker Boehner asking him to bring ENDA up for a simple floor vote. I don’t expect Boehner to actually consider it, but it’s nice to have support from both sides of the aisle.

In a bit of a surprising move, the Texas School Board has approved an order of science textbooks that teach evolution and don’t require creationism to be taught alongside it. The order is currently on hold as one passage from a book is being protested on a whim by conservatives. The right wing has been waging a war on science in schools for years in Texas, and as a larger state with a huge textbook buy, their requirements tend to drive the content nationally.

HBO is considering a reboot of Real Sex, their landmark program that brought a variety of sexuality into people’s homes and provided masturbation material for Chris Moukarbelhundreds of thousands of teenagers. What’s interesting here is that the new version, Sex/Now, would be helmed by Chris Moukarbel, who is partnered with Jake Shears, and would likely bring more GLBT content to the show.

But I’m a Cheerleader: The Musical is set to have its first reading December 6, under the direction of Jerry Mitchell. Breathe!

It’s official – Luxembourg has sworn in Xavier Bettel as their first openly gay prime minister. His deputy is also gay, and they are expected to introduce changes to the small wealthy country including marriage equality, as well as financial reforms to protect their triple-A credit rating.

Boyhood is an extraordinary sounding film from Richard Linklater starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette, who play parents to newcomer Ellar Coltrane. What makes this film so special is that they’ve been shooting it for twelve years, so we literally watch Ellar Coltrane grow up onscreen, one actor playing the child from age 7 to 18.

Russia’s highest court has ruled the ban on gay propaganda is constitutional, all but ending any hope of striking down the law.Dick Cheney

Could radioimmunotherapy cure HIV? It can knock out the bulk of the virus from the body, but scientists worry that reservoirs of the virus might remain in places like lymph nodes and become active again.

Dick Cheney is upset that Mary Cheney spoke out against her sister Liz on the issue of marriage equality. “We were surprised that there was an attack launched against Liz on Facebook, and wished it hadn’t happened. It’s always been dealt with within the context of the family and frankly that’s our preference.” Didn’t Liz start this fight when she spoke out against her own sister’s marriage to try and win a Senate seat? Why does Mary get the blame for taking the fight public?

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