Meme: Andrew Garfield Believes Spider-Man Stands For Equality, Senator Cruz Sees Equality As Death of Free Speech, Peggy Carter Kicks Ass


NOM thinks marriage equality  leads to single mothers, whales just want to say hello, California Supreme Court strikes down another Prop 8 challenge

Andrew GarfieldI’m not sure that Andrew Garfield ever expected his comment on a gay Spider-Man would dominate every interview he gives about the film, but he seems to have thought about his answers. “My beliefs about living and about life and about the world and humankind have nothing to do with Spider-Man, but what I do believe is that Spider-Man stands for equality. Spider-Man will protect whoever needs protecting: gay, straight, black, lesbian, bisexual, transgender. He’s not gonna go help the middle-class white dude before he helps the homosexual black dude! He is an Everyman, and he is covered head to toe in costume, which is different than any other superhero I’m aware of, and I think that’s why he’s so universally relatable. And he is color-blind and he is blind to any sexual orientation, so it was more just a philosophical question of “Why not?” And I stick to it. I long for the time when we don’t see skin color, where sexual orientation is treated as a small thread in the fabric of a person as opposed to defining them.”

The California Supreme Court has denied a petition from a county clerk to halt the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Two more challenges to the law still await a response.

The FEC is set to vote on new rules that would allow same-sex married couples to make a joint political donation from an individual account. The wording of the Splashnew rules bothers me, because it doesn’t seem to specify what “married under state law” means for those married legally but residing in non-equality states.

Iconic New York City bar Splash is set to close August 10. I never made it to Splash, but it lives in the lexicon of clubs that make up the history of gay life on the east coast.

A new study says that only 28% of bisexuals say that the most important people in their lives are aware of their sexuality, compared to 77% of gay men, and 71% of lesbians. Between the genders, 33% of bisexual women say everyone knows, while only 11% of bisexual men agree. Invisibility is still one of the greatest issues leading to bisexual acceptance, even within the GLBT community.

Evidently, if gays are allowed to marry, the idea of marriage will be so eroded that husbands will leave their wives and single mothers will sink further intoMaggie Gallagher poverty. This is from NOM stringing together unrelated facts, but it lines up nicely with what Maggie Gallagher said to me when we spoke.

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King has said that he will not defend against the lawsuit for same-sex couples to be issued marriage licenses. New Mexico is a strange case, because their marriage laws are written gender-neutral, but it has been generally assumed that gay couples could not marry. King is expected to run for governor in the next election.

While I’m still mourning the death of Google Reader, news comes that it died not so much because Google thought the product was over, but because nobody at Google wanted to run it, because Larry Paige wasn’t interested in the product, so FDNYthere was nothing to be gained politically from running it.

It’s that time of year – the 2014 FDNY Calendar is up for sale!

The Missouri Supreme Court will review a case for same-sex benefits in light of the DOMA ruling. The case stems from survivor benefits for state highway patrol officer. Missouri has a Constitutional amendment banning marriage equality.

And don’t forget we have another Days of Our Lives liveblog today!
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