Meme: Putin Promises No Gay Arrests, the Time Jodie Foster Told Jason Biggs How To Masturbate


Elton John to honor Hillary Clinton, Bryan Fischer compares gays to Nazis again, Tom Hiddleston teaches Cookie Monster a lesson

Betty WhiteBetty White is in the record books! The actress was just honored as the “Longest TV Career For An Entertainer (Female).” The title used to be unisex, but now she shares the distinction with British actor Bruce Forsyth, who also has 74 years in the business.

Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams are set to headline the Sam Mendes Broadway production of Cabaret, directed by Rob Marshall.

The Department of Justice has released guidance that same-sex partners will be receiving Veteran’s benefits, despite Title 38 having gender specific language prohibiting it. The Justice Department has declined to defend the law, and the House Bipartisan Legal Group dropped out of defending it in a lawsuit after the DOMA decision.

The titles and track lists are out for the two part Glee Beatles tribute, and the first episode, titled “Love, Love, Love” is set to explore Blaine and Kurt’s relationship, and if they want to be together. The second episode is “Tina In the Sky with Diamonds” about Tina’s quest to become prom Kurt Blainequeen, while Rachel and Santana take jobs in a Broadway diner to help make ends meet.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation will give their inaugural Founders Award to Hillary Clinton for her support of AIDS programs worldwide at a gala hosted by Anderson Cooper.

The judge in the Pennsylvania case about a county clerk issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples says that he’ll be issuing his ruling quickly to remove the uncertainty of the law. Regardless of how he rules, there will likely be appeals for years.

Max Steel will be heading to the big screen. The property is about a teen who generates a special kind of energy and the alien who helps him control it, channeling it into different battle modes. While it started as a toy line, Disney XD has a cartoon version that’s pretty watchable, and it doesn’t really feel like a toy commercial. This has potential to hit four quadrants if it’s done right.

A Canadian AIDS vaccine that’s based on a genetically modified killed version of the virus has successfully passed out of phase one trials and has the potential to change the game as it moves forward into the next phase.

We mentioned yesterday that the Texas National Guard was refusing to process same-sex partners for benefits including identification cards in state run facilities, requiring couples to travel to federally run facilities to sign up for their rightful benefits. Mississippi has joined in defying the Pentagon, citing the state’s ban on marriage equality.

President Putin says that Olympic guests with rainbow flags won’t be arrested, and that he’s not anti-gay. “I assure you that I work with these people, I sometimes award them with state prizes or decorations for their achievements in various fields. We have absolutely normal relations, and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here.”

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