Meme: Bill O’Reilly Revels In Connecting Polygamy and Marriage Equality, Meredith Viera Has Concerns About Covering Sochi, First Family Avoiding Olympics


Teen Wolf and other hunks ReflectItBack, Orlando Bloom totally comfortable naked on set, Apple makes us cry for Christmas

Billie Jean KingIn what can only be seen as a snub to Vladmir Putin, the White House has announced that neither the First Family or the Second Family will be attending the Sochi Games opening and closing ceremonies, and that both delegations will include openly gay athletes. The opening ceremony will be attended by Billy Jean King, while the closing ceremony will have out Olympic silver medalist Caitlin Cahow.

The ACLU is all about GLBT equality, but they’re also about freedom of speech. The had to choose in New Mexico, free speech seems to trump equality as the ACLU filed an amicus brief in favor of the couple who a photographer refused to photograph a same-sex wedding. The photographer claims that photography is an artistic endeavor and therefore is protected speech.

The Young and the Restless has fired Michael Muhney, who played Adam Newman. Readers might recall that Adam had a brief gay-for-Adam and Raferevenge plotline in which he seduced lawyer Rafe offscreen and looked rather disgusted by what he’d done, but for the wrong reasons.

A federal judge has rejected Pennsylvania’s request to throw out the challenge to the marriage equality ban on the grounds that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction.

Freakonomics took on the idea that gays in Boystown tend to look, well, too rich. The guys admitted it was very difficult to get good data on “the gays” but did take a look at factors like education, lack of children, and a median income that is multiples of what I make. It’s an interesting listen.

Orlando Bloom already told us that he went completely naked for his upcoming film Zulu, and he talks about what that was like on the set. “It was quite amusing walking around set and seeing the crew avert their eyes at first. Then there were a few more people watching playback… I got so comfortable with it I could brush up behind someone and go, ‘Oh, excuse me.’” He finds nudity empowering. It is what it is. It’s flesh and bone. It’s what we all are.”Orlando Bloom

Are you breaking any unusual sex laws in your state?

Anti-gay Minnesota Archbishop John Nienstedt has temporarily stepped down from the public ministry after a report that he inappropriately touched the buttocks of a young boy during a confirmation ceremony photo session. He denies the charges, and the police are investigating.

Yashwant Sinha, a leader of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded that the same-sex spouses of U.S. diplomats immediate be arrested under the recently restored sodomy statutKenneth Colee.

The industry of selling Twitter followers and YouTube views, and why it may be worth the money.

Kenneth Cole is an asshole, take 4,203,457.

A new study says that the top 32 GLBT rights groups had a total of 186 million in funds raised in 2012, one third of which was individual contributions. I’m curious – which groups do our readers give to?

Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says that he’s willing to consider adding GLBT persons to the state’s nondiscrimination act, but he won’t spearhead the effort. He’s waiting for a signal from the legislature.Alan Cumming

Should we move to a six hour workday? I find that ridiculous as I spend somewhere near 16 hours each day working between the two jobs.

Alan Cumming says that just because he’s settled down with a nice husband, he’s still bisexual. “I still define myself as a bisexual even though I have chosen to be with Grant. I’m sexually attracted to the female form even though I am with a man and I just feel that bisexuals have a bad rap.” Now if that was just a concept that more people could get through their heads. You really need to read the whole interview, with is juicy, frank, and full of sex.

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