Meme: Chris Kluwe Names His Witnesses, “SNL” Straightwashes Sean Cody Story, David Beckham Uncovered In Super Bowl Ad


Coca-Cola censors “gay” in new media campaign, who is kissing Stiles, The Dark Place is a new kind of thriller that happens to be gay

Chris KluweChris Kluwe officially named the witnesses in his case with the Minnesota Vikings, Blair Walsh and Cullen Loeffler, and says there are text messages to corroborate what was said by Coach Priefer. Walsh has released a statement distancing himself from the case without actually denying the remarks. Kluwe has testified for investigators for five hours, and won’t rule out legal action that would put his witnesses under oath.

This pretty much seals the deal that dogs are the most loving of pets out there.

The Skeleton Twins director Craig Johnson thought he was taking his parents to see a screening of the new Wes Anderson movie, but it turned out to be the very NSFW Nymphomaniac. The idea of watching a hardcore movie with your parents is pretty horrifying, but his mother took it in stride. Mostly. “I wasn’t put off by the nudity. But I thought the montage of all the different male genitalia was totally unnecessary.” To me, that’s an endorsement of the film. But not to watch with mom.

Coca-ColaIreland’s Trinity College is banning Coca-Cola and P&G products during the Sochi Olympics to protest their silence on the anti-gay laws in Russia. “Your company had an unparalleled opportunity to denounce the vulgar and inhumane Anti-Gay Laws of Russia on a worldwide stage, an action which, if made, would have undoubtedly sparked global awareness and positive change for the LGBTQ community in Russia and beyond.” Students drove the boycott, and that gives me hope for the future.

I used to watch Ghost In the Shell, but I’m not entirely sure I know how it can be turned into a live action film, but Rupert Sanders is onboard to direct the effort.

Frozen has surpassed The Lion King’s worldwide gross with $810 million, which judging by my Tumblr Dashboard was driven more by gay men than it was by children.Frozen

30:30 is a new gay dating site that is asking members to not show each other their members for 30 days of dating. They also don’t allow explicit pictures. And they scaremonger on HIV. And do a bit of slut shaming. “A poll of over 1000 gay men revealed that a staggering 42% have engaged in at least one sexual act while not being able to recall their partner’s first name. 27% of which claimed numerous instances and have lost count in their lifetime number of sexual partners. WTF!!!”

“Hello everyone. I am the gay son of Representative Milo Smith, chairman of the Elections Committee that just passed HJR-3 onto the full House. I’m not here to badmouth my dad. I’m terribly disappointed in his decision and beliefs, but he’s not going to change them now if he hasn’t after all these years of knowing I am gay. I am here to support you and my friends who remain in Indiana. They are my extended family.” Fatherly love doesn’t always extend to gay sons when politics are involved.

There’s mounting evidence that the judge in the marriage equality case in Virginia may rule without a trial. She has directed all parties to respond “whether the Court should instead rule promptly on the briefs without a hearing.” Summary judgments are dangerous, but worked for us in Utah.

martina navratilovaThe South Dakota Democratic Party has put up a petition asking people to help defeat SB67, which would legalize the right to discriminate against GLBT people based on religious beliefs. I’m starting to believe the right has given up on marriage, and will now focus on broadly worded bills that will give them the right to hate in the name of commerce.

Martina Navratilova thinks that trying to isolate sports from politics is futile. “The athletes are told by the IOC to not make any protests, any statements, and really separate the politics from sport, which is impossible. It’s a controversial situation there and it will be interesting how it all unfolds. “I think we can say that sports and politics are inextricably combined – they go hand in hand – and that’s where my disappointment was with the IOC.”

Coca-Cola has launched a new campaign that will allow you to have a name or a word printed on the side of a can of Coke. But they’ve banned some words. Trying to print “gay” on a can of Coke will cause the app to say “Oops. Let’s pretend you didn’t just type that.” Words like “straight” and “heterosexual” are just fine though. I really hope they find a way to not be so obstinate about this, because I kind of have an addiction to Coke Zero, and I don’t know what I’d replace it with.

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