Meme: Steven Moffat Explains “Doctor Who’ Twist, Leslie Jordan Gets Bold For Doritos, One Direction Dances In Their Underwear


One Direction’s workout routine, behind the scenes of Looking, Call of Duty is so gay

Josh HutchersonIn an interview with BET, Josh Hutcherson was asked who his gay crush was between costars Liam Hemsworth and Lenny Kravitz. “They’re so different. I’d probably say Lenny. Only because, like, the cool, like, artist kind of thing. And he’s just rock and roll through and through. That is just … he’s got it goin’ on.”

Is it possible to be a rocker and a great-grandfather? The world is about to find out because Mick Jagger’s granddaughter Assisi is currently pregnant. Shouldn’t he be sitting on a porch somewhere handing out Werther’s Originals?

Steven Moffat has a pretty good reason for the big twist in Day of the Doctor. “I remember thinking, ‘what was the most important occasion in the Doctor’s life?’ Obviously it was the day he blew up Gallifrey. Then I tried to imagine what writing that scene would be like, and I thought literally – there’s kids on Gallifrey and he’s going to push The Day of the Doctorthe button. He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t. I don’t care what’s at stake, he’s not going to do it. So that was the story – of course he never did that. He couldn’t have. He’s the Doctor, he’s the man who doesn’t do that. He’s defined by the fact that he doesn’t do that. Whatever the cost, he will find another way. So it had to be the story of what really happened that he’s forgotten. Of course he didn’t! He’s Doctor Who. He doesn’t do things like that.”

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou supports marriage equality in his country, but accepts that it may take some time before everyone does. “Heterosexual marriage in Taiwan developed over thousands of years of history and Ying-jeou lamented that advancing gay marriage, which is still illegal in the country, is going to take ‘a high degree of consensus’.” When I visited Taipei more than a decade ago, I found it to be remarkably gay friendly, with a nightlife like any major city, and my hotel had no problem directing me to the right bars on the right nights. They did not, however, tell me not to sit on a particular side of the one club, and what it would mean if I did. That took this incredibly sexy Brazilian-Taiwanese man to explain.

Philomena, starring Dame Judi Dench as an elderly woman searching for the gay son taken from her as a teen, did exceptionally well at the specialty box office, earning a $33,249 per screen Philomenaaverage. It opens wide next week. (Our Philomena review here.)

But nothing can compare to Catching Fire, which finished the weekend with $160.6 million in the U.S. along, and $307 million globally, snagging the record for best November opening, but missing the best numbers of the year, likely due to a lack of 3D, which inflated ticket prices for Iron Man 3.

The Doctor Who simulcast broke the Guinness Book of World Records for largest simulcast, appearing in 94 countries on six continents at the same time.

GQ has put out their annual list of the least influential people in the world, topped by Dennis Rodman, followed by Paula Deen, then Anthony President ObamaWeiner. In a weird twist, the list also has Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and President Obama. GQ called Cyrus out for “basically trying every inane strategy she could think of to rile up America’s few remaining pearl clutchers.” Which is what this list seems to be to me about GQ itself.

Speaking of President Obama, he’s announced a six month accord with Iran to cease enriching uranium above a certain level, and slowing their nuclear program beyond civilian uses. Just about nobody is happy about the accord, from Israel to the right wing, but it’s remarkable that we’re talking at all.

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