Meme: Dustin Lance Black Calls Hollywood To Arms Over Russia, Keahu Hikes Shirtless, Bayard Rustin Honored


Mike Doyle is a Jersey Boy, NOM under investigation in Iowa, George Takei says Sochi is Good vs. Evil

Mike DoyleClint Eastwood’s big screen version of Jersey Boys has signed Mike Doyle to play Bob Crewe, while Johnny Cannizzaro will play Nick DeVito and Erich Bergen will reprise the role of Bob Guadio.

The National Organization for Marriage will be the subject of an official campaign finance investigation in Iowa relating to how it hid the donors of funds it used to unseat supreme court justices that ruled in favor of marriage equality.

Lance Bass has joined Kidnapped For Christ as an executive producer of the documentary that will shed light on the reparative therapy imposed on children by their parents at an evangelical school.

Recently out Greg Rikaart is guest starring on Bones this upcoming season, and he’s already filming his guest role as Greg Rikaartsomeone Booth and Brennan encounter when they go undercover at a couples’ retreat.

 Simon Cowell is the best paid television personality for the past year. Ellen DeGeneres was the only out celebrity to make the top ten, netting a respectable $56 million.

While you’ll get to see the band’s version of their lives in their new 3D film, the questions you really want answered, like their gay fantasies and the sizes of their peen will be answered in a new Channel 4 documentary called Crazy About One Direction.

As expected, Jay Carney affirmed that President Obama opposes Russia’s gay propaganda law, but won’t even discuss the idea of an Olympic boycott.  “That’s a conversation we’re not having. The president was very clear about his views on the issues of gay rights, LGBT rights and concerns that have been raised internationally about laws in Russia and his expectation that as host of the Olympics Russia will conduct them in a way that shines a favorable light on them as well as ensures the absolutely necessary and proper treatment of delegations and athletes. To speculate about something like that is, I don’t think, in anybody’s interests.”Bayard Rustin

Civil (and gay) rights pioneer Bayard Rustin and astronaut Sally Ride will both be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given to a civilian. They’re giving Oprah one too, so you know that it’s important.

Athlete Ally and All Out say they’re looking for a high profile designer to weave a gay pride motif into the U.S. uniforms for Sochi, which seems kind of pointless unless you can get Ralph Lauren to agree to incorporate it.

Mike Huckabee doesn’t just hate gay people, he also hates Muslims and tells lies about them in the press too. And while we have Jon Stewart to push back on Huckabee for us, thankfully the Muslim world has Qasim Rashid, who destroyed Huckabee.

LZ GrandersonLZ Granderson reminds us of how the Olympic games can be used by tyrants to gain the stature on the world stage for terrible things, as the Nazis did in 1936. “In talking about the 1936 Olympics, I do not equate what is happening in Russia to what happened to Jewish people during World War II. I just want to remind you that the Holocaust did not happen overnight. It was subtle. Surgical. In silence. These new anti-gay laws are disturbingly similar to the anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws Hitler passed before the 1936 Olympics. And with the Pew Institute finding 84% of Russians believe society should reject gay people, perhaps some saying they object to gays for fear of arrest, the world should question how far Russia intends to go.”

And Armenia is proposing a similar gay propaganda law to Russia’s.

Because the Pentagon knows that it can’t extend spousal benefits to civil partners, only married couples under the current DOMA ruling, there are reports that they might extend an additional ten days of leave to same-sex couples to travel to get married in states that allow it. The rule is supposedly under review at the Justice Department. Personally, I find the idea unlikely of an additional ten days of leave (which would cross into too many regulations and probably isn’t legal), but I can see a new priority approval for up to ten days of leave in order to travel to get married.Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance Black is urging Hollywood, which makes a ton of money in Russia, to come forth and make some sort of statement about their anti-gay laws. “The truth is, there is virtually no other industry that can make a greater impact than ours. In 2012, annual box-office returns for the top 50 films in Russia topped $900 million. Nearly every one of those movies is a product of Hollywood. Our business matters to Russia, our voices are heard in Russia, and the combination of these avenues of influence can absolutely help end these dark days there.” Which is great. We can do that while we’re wasting our time boycotting Ender’s Game.

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