Meme: Evan Peters Talks Sex Toys, Rush Limbaugh Calls Michelle Obama Fat, Rihanna Joins U.N. Fight Against HIV/AIDS


More NFL teams welcome Michael Sam, Sharknado 2 adds Andy Dick, Paul Walker fights bad guys in Brick Mansions

Evan PetersEvan Peters has been dead several times on American Horror Story, and he’s making a questionable Quicksilver this summer, but next up he stars with his real life girlfriend Emma Roberts in Adult World, which takes place in an adult book store. And the props were really not up to par. “They were pretty cheap props. Nothing that you’d want to use. Pretty gross stuff. It wasn’t second-hand, it was just kind of low-quality. Like it’d been through the ringer by UPS.” So he’s more familiar with upscale toys?

The Idaho Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that second parent adoption is allowed by state law, paving the way for both parents in same sex relationships to adopt their children.

Andy Dick, Kelly Osbourne and Vivica A. Fox have been announced as the new cast of Sharknado 2: The Second One. They really went for actors that Sharknadocould make Ian Zierling look good, didn’t they?

The Ninth Circuit in Nevada has granted Lambda Legal’s request for an expedited hearing in the wake of the state withdrawing their defense of the constitutional ban on marriage in the state. June is the traditional wedding month, how many more states can we take down by then?

Meanwhile the “Right To Discriminate” law has passed the Kansas House, and is expected to cruise through the Republican controlled Senate, giving businesses, government officials and private citizens explicit right to deny services to LGBT people on the basis of their faith, which means the next round of lawsuits can soon commence.

I’m not entirely sure what Rush Limbaugh has against First Lady Obama that he insists on these disgusting personal attacks, but he’s really over the line. “There is Michelle Obama and the Obamas$12,000 gown by Carolina Herrera, and the French president Hollande is in the middle, and there’s Obama. You’ll notice that this dress is bigger than the president of France. Here, let me make one more adjustment here and I’ll show you this again. Take a look at that picture. The little guy in the middle is the socialist dictator — well, not dictator. He’s the socialist president of France. On the left, that’s not Oprah. Don’t confuse that. That’s Michelle Obama. I saw a picture of this from the rear. That’s why I thought it was Oprah. I did.”

Rihanna has teamed up with the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS to administer a block grant from MAC VIVA GLAM on their Treatment 2015 initiative, which aims to provide treatment for 15 million young adults. “I want to help reach as many young people around the world as I can. While we need to begin with education, we also need to deliver HIV testing and treatment to the millions of young people who need our help, which is exactly what we plan to do.”

Adidas says they can’t allow the word “gay” on their customizable sneakers because it would be abused by the public. “However, it is not our intention to bracket words such as ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ into the ‘bad words’ column, but in a largely automated system, the fear is that the word ‘gay(s)’ could be easily pre-fixed by ‘I hate’ and therefore Archbishop Justin Welbywe might find ourselves in an equally difficult situation. The word ‘straight’ is far less likely to be abused.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury says that the church has to make some tough choices on gay unions. While he doesn’t want to break with doctrine and history, he recognizes the world is a changing place. “There is great fear among some, here and round the world, that that will lead to the betrayal of our traditions, to the denial of the authority of scripture, to apostasy, not to use too strong a word. There is also a great fear that our decisions will lead us to the rejection of LGBT people, to irrelevance in a changing society, to behaviour that many see akin to racism. We have to find a way forward. This cannot be done through fear. How we go forward matters deeply, as does where we arrive.”

Yesterday we mentioned the Packers would be welcoming of Michael Sam, and now more NFL teams have come forward and said that if he matches their talent needs, his sexuality would be no problem. The Bears, Broncos, Browns, 49ers, Giants, Lions, Patriots, Ravens, and yes, the Vikings all say he’s welcome.

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