Meme: G4 Becomes The Esquire Network, Kobe Bryant Speaks Out Against Homophobic Language, and Andy Cohen Knows Why Chris Brown Didn’t Stand At the Grammys

I have a certain fascination with the Minions from Despicable Me. And they’re getting their own spinoff, in which we learn that the Minions Minionshave always been around, working for supervillains, but ultimately undoing them all with their ineptitude. They set out to find a new villain and end up with Scarlett Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock. Scarlett is described as having Audrey Hepburn style and the ambition to become the world’s first female supervillain.

The Pentagon officially announced they will be extending some benefits to same-sex couples as allowed by DOMA, including ID cards and joint postings. Still, it falls short of full equality, even under DOMA. Interestingly, the changes are set to be implemented between August 31 and October 1, which could be two months after DOMA is no longer a consideration.

Forget Sexy Princess Leia Slave. Try Slave Leo.

A Florida man (it’s always Florida in these stories) has been arrested for throwing a plate at his boyfriend’s head because he listend to too much Alanis Morrissette.

Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors are set to return to Doctor Who in the coming season, the first time the iconic foes have made an appearance in the modern series.

The Colorado Senate has approved a civil unions bill, sending the measure to the House, where it died last year. But the Democrats have retaken control of the House, and passage is expected.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, both houses have passed a bill that would prohibit schools from defunding clubs that restrict membership on religious or philosophical grounds, paving the way for institutionalized bigotry.

One of the Buckwild stars, fresh off a renewal, has been arrested for felony drug possession with intent to distribute heroin and oxycotine. Salwa Amin will post $200,000 bond. Considering what I know of the area, the oxy would have been the more valuable drug.

Kobe Bryant took to Twitter to tell a fan using “your gay” as a putdown is not cool, Kobe Bryantand they should delete the phrase from their vocabulary (and learn basic grammar instead). Kobe didn’t shy away from the fact that he was criticized for calling a referee a “faggot” two years ago, and pointed out he learned from his mistake.

The old G4 Network, frequent home to John Barrowman, has officially been rebranded the Esquire Network, and while it will largely be showing Party Down reruns in the beginning, the plan is to create a men’s destination channel with shows about cooking, travel, and yes, ninjas.

This is pretty much all the proof you need that cats are jerks.

In the wake of the fat shaming of Melissa McCarthy by film critic Rex Reed (Melissa got the last laugh as her movie raked in $36 million) and Gov. Chris Christie this past week, my friend David Mixner calls on us to remember that we each have our own journey, and people who are struggling with their weight don’t need to be bullied any more than GLBT people. It hit a little close to home, since I’m naturally thin. I fought for decades to gain weight and muscle to hit a gay ideal. But I didn’t fight very hard, because at 41, I’m making Antony Cottona difference now in me, but it’s taking 10 hours/week in the gym and a radical diet to see modest gains. So I shouldn’t have been so quick to say “just put the fork down” in the past, and I’m sorry. I will still say that if you’re obese and I see you with your overweight kid in the grocery store buying nothing but fattening, processed foods and ice cream and cakes in your overfilled cart, I might still be judging you for what you’re doing to the kid though.

ITV has been forced to place notices around the studios for Coronation Street reminding staff and stars that recent reports of homophobic language (at least that’s not in the script) won’t be tolerated on set after multiple reports of slurs being used were reported. Coronation Street has two GLBT couples, and openly gay Antony Cotton is one of the stars.

While I have a lot of respect for Ryan Sohmer of Least I Can Do and Gutters comic fame, I don’t really agree with him that creative people should have free license to spread hate without expecting professional repercussions. But I do thank him for nailing the underlying concern of Orson Scott Card doing a digital Superman series, beyond the enriching of Card so he can donate even more money to anti-equality causes like NOM.


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