Meme: Ultron To Battle The Avengers, “Geography Club” Picks Up Outfest Award, Helen Mirren Would Make a Great Mom

Guardians of the GalaxyThe sequel to The Avengers will be titled Avengers: Age of Ultron, centering around the robotic villain from the comics. This led to questions about Hank Pym of course, which Joss Whedon addressed. “We don’t have to have him. It works very simply — this is Marvel cinema, not Marvel comics. One thing Kevin Feige has a genius for is knowing what to hold onto and what to let go of. You can invoke the feeling you had and play with the characters you love and remain true to the needs of the film.”

The Marvel panel also showed insane footage from Guardians of the Galaxy, which only began shooting a couple of weeks ago. They had footage of a jail break, a shirtless Starlord, and yes, a talking raccoon. For Thor: The Dark World, Tom Hiddleston took the stage as Loki and turned the crowd into his own army.

Ken CuccinelliBut the X-Men Days of Future Past stole the show, with the entire cast assembled onstage for the event, including Sir Ian McKellen, who was happy to be back in California. “I just want to say it’s great to be back in California. I feel safe here now that you’ve gotten rid of Proposition 8. I’m looking for a husband. It’s great to meet you, Michael [Fassbender].”

In a PBS panel, Virginia Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Ken Cuccinelli affirmed that his views on homosexuality hadn’t changed. “My personal beliefs about the personal challenge of homosexuality haven’t changed. What I want to do as governor is create an environment — including an economic environment — where every Virginian has opportunity.” Tough to do when you’re seeking to criminalize a significant portion of Virginians.Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren doesn’t have children, but if she had daughters, she’d want to make sure they were equipped to deal with men. “If I’d had children and had a girl, the first words I would have taught her would have been “f*** off” because we weren’t brought up ever to say that to anyone, were we? And it’s quite valuable to have the courage and the confidence  to say, “No, f*** off, leave me  alone, thank you very much.”

The New York Times says that Geeks Out call to boycott Ender’s Game is more like blacklisting. “The group wants to ‘send a clear and serious message to Card and those that do business with his brand of antigay activism — whatever he’s selling, we’re not buying.’ This isn’t about stopping the dissemination of antigay sentiments; it’s about isolating Mr. Card and shaming his business partners, thus cutting into their profits.” I say it’s about having an informed public that understands what their money is funding so they can make decisions about who they’re aligning themselves with. Some other organizations used to be in the business of informing the public. What were they called again? Ahh, newspapers!

Canadian chain Tim Horton’s is apologizing for blocking the gay news site from their corporate Wi-Fi in their Geography Clubshops after a public campaign.

Test picked up Best Dramatic Feature at Outfest this weekend, while Born This Way won Best Documentary, while Gary Entin picked up the audience award for Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature for Geography Club, based on the YA novel by our own Brent Hartinger.

The CW is developing a spinoff of Supernatural based around a character to be introduced in episode 20. Not much is known about the new show, except that it’s expected to be more urban in setting that Supernatural.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow says that marriage equality in the west is a sign of the apocalypse.Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni and his partner Tom are doing what’s being called LATLiving Together Apart, with separate homes on either side of the East River. It’s comfortable for them. “But why not seize the intimacy without forfeiting the privacy? Establish a different rhythm? One night with him, one night with a pint of Chubby Hubby and Monday Night Football or a marathon of Scandal, my wit on ice, my stomach muscles on hiatus, my body sprawling ever less becomingly across the couch. Isn’t that the definition of having it all?” This is the sort of relationship I can work with. Sometimes when I get home, I just don’t want to care about the needs of another person. I really don’t even care about my Taylor Handleyneeds. Can’t date nights and sleepovers go on indefinitely?

Is going to bookstores and putting a sticker in dictionaries over the definition of marriage to make it gender neutral a form of protest, or vandalism? It might just depend on how you do it.

I’m used to a lot more nudity in an Abercrombie & Fitch shoot, but if you put hot guys like Jacob Artist, Alexander Ludwig, Scott Eastwood, and Taylor Handley in your campaign, I suppose you can show off the clothes if you want to.

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