Meme: A First Look At “Looking,” Extended Peek At “The Day of the Doctor,” Miss Universe Broadcast Silent On Gay Rights


Rush is rated R in the U.S. but G in Quebec, tiger cub swim tests, An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth

The BlacklistThe Blacklist is the only new show of the fall I still have a Season Pass for, and I love Alan Alda, so I’m incredibly excited that he’s set to guest star on the show, as an enemy of Red who threatens to kill him.

In the United States, Rush was rated R for nudity, violence, language, and sexual situations. In Quebec, it’s rated G, for all audiences. They decided the nudity was incidental, mostly people getting out of bed, which children have probably seen. And the violence was mostly car crashes, which were no worse than government produced seat belt commercials. So who’s right?

Maxim Martsinkevich, the Russian man behind Occupy Pedophelia, which has been producing the kidnapping and torture of gay men videos, has announced an “emergency vacation” after police began to pursue him for “hooliganism” in relation to the torture of a young Iraqi man. Hooliganism is a catch all crime on Russia that can be used for about anything. Interestingly he chose Thailand for vacation.

Dowager CountessSurprising no one, Downton Abbey has been renewed for a fifth season. No word yet on cast changes, but I think we all know that if Dame Maggie ever leaves it’s not worth watching.

The New Mexico wedding photographers who lost their case when they refused to photograph a same-sex wedding have refiled, claiming First Amendment violations. “Further, the couple claims that not being allowed to turn away a gay couple and having to pose, edit, and present a story through photographs of a homosexual couple that wished to pay for their services would be a form of compelled speech which would be in violation of the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.”

You might recall Andrew Shirvell, who used to be an Assistant Attorney General in Michigan, and he had a nasty obsession with out University of Michigan Student Body President Chris Armstrong. He eventually lost his job and was ordered to pay $4.5 million to Armstrong. He’s now suing to get his job back, claiming wrongful termination.Andrew Shirvell

In Texas, anti-gay activist Dave Wilson was tired of losing elections, so he tried a new tactic to get elected to Houston Community College Board of Trustees. He pretended to be black. He won by 26 votes.

Nothing about Russia’s anti-gay laws was discussed during the Miss Universe broadcast, despite Thomas Roberts saying that he was hosting in order to bring attention to the cause. No doubt he discovered even going over in his privileged position didn’t grant him the freedom to be himself.

You may have recalled reading that Hawaii Rep Jo Jordan made history by being the first GLBT representative to vote against marriage equality. Rep Jo JordanAnywhere. She’s published her explanation, and well, it’s pretty rambling. I doubt she’s going to get many invitations to her friends’ weddings. Assuming she has any friends left.

Huh? And see, you knew exactly what I was talking about. It seems that “huh” is a universal sound, understood in any language from English to Chinese to mean that you don’t understand something.

SyFy has named Farscape’s Gigi Edgly to host Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, which is kind of like their Face Off for puppeteers. Speaking of, is anyone watching Naked Vegas? I caught the pilot and thought parts of it were kind of hot.

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