Meme: James Franco Not Impressed With Gay Scene In “Shame,” No One Puked On Ryan Reynolds, “Teen Wolf” Threatens You Will “Lose Your Mind”


Donald Trump evolving on marriage, Gareth Thomas not afraid to travel to Russia, Lady Gaga continues feud with Perez Hilton

Happy 11-12-13!

Michael FassbenderJames Franco wasn’t a big fan of Michael Fassbender’s Shame. “He wasn’t such an addict in my opinion, though. I mean, what did he do? Watch porn and screw a handful of people a week? I could point to quite a few folks who do that. And that scene where he’s at his lowest point and wants to fuck and goes into a gay club, and it’s depicted like the seventh level of hell… I mean, it goes back to the horrible representations of gays in the 70s, where the gay club is meant to signify everything dark and depraved. Then the guy gets a minor blowjob, from, Oh no, a man! The horror!”

Congratulations to Family Ties’ Meredith Baxter, who is engaged to her longtime girlfriend Nancy.

Gareth Thomas says that if he was still competing, he would absolutely be going to Sochi with his squad. “If I was part of a squad going to these Gareth Thomascountries – I would go there as a gay man and be the best at what I was doing and prove that their laws can not stop me at being the best I can be in my sport. Athletes often only have one chance to be the best and they have worked so hard to get there that nothing should hold them back.”

It was probably inevitable, but there’s a sex simulator for the new Oculus Rift VR system, and yes, it includes a virtual masturbation attachment.

Lady Gaga is still afraid of Perez Hilton being near her in New York City. “It’s fine to hate me afar. Everyone can hate me from afar. But the second you try to move in next door to me, I know you’re getting too close, and it’s not safe. Already it’s stressful not feeling safe as it is. I have lots of security. I get death threats all the time. Some things bring out the New Yorker in me. If you hate somebody and you want to move next door to me, the only thing I can think of is that you’re moving in because you want to blow yourself up. There’s thousands and millions of apartments in New York. You don’t need to move in next door to me.” While that seems a little extreme, I admit I’m a bit afraid of being on the same planet as Perez Hilton, and he doesn’t even know I exist.

MTV decided to censor Miley Cyrus lighting up what appeared to be a blunt on the MTV EMAs Sunday night, and the Parents Television Council is thrilled. “Last night MTV made a responsible decision and they executed it perfectly. It is unclear whether MTV’s actions suggest stricter content guidelines for its TV-14 Miley Cyrusprogramming, or whether this is just an example of the old saying that ‘even a broken clock is right twice each day.’ We certainly hope it is the former.”

Fox News seems intent on painting Chris Christie as a social liberal, even to the point of lying about it. On Sunday they claimed that Christie refused to veto marriage equality legislation in 2013, which is a flat lie, since he didn’t get the chance, having already vetoed it in 2012.

The latest in an ongoing series of rumors about Ronan Farrow’s sexuality. Personally, I’d love for this to be true, it would do wonders for visibility.

Donald Trump says that while he’s not there yet, he’s evolving on marriage equality. “I think I’m evolving, and I think I’m a very fair person, but I have been for traditional marriage. I am for traditional marriage. I am for a marriage between a man and a woman. I think really what you have is a very changing stance, and you see it changing very rapidly. If you go back 10 years ago it’s very different.”

Six states, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and my own state of West Virginia continue to defy the Pentagon on issuing military IDs for same sex spouses. West Virginia does say Ryan Reynoldsthat they intend to follow the directive, but haven’t yet.

In a rare and unexpected move, the First Lady of Zambia, Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata Back has spoken in favor of legal protections for GLBT persons. She said “silence around issues of Men who have Sex with Men should be stopped and no one should be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation. Rather, we should address reproductive health issues around this issue.”

That story a month back about some airline passenger puking all over Ryan Reynolds, prompting a strip tease of a cashmere sweater that was ruined? Totally made up. “That is utterly made-up. I don’t know where that stuff comes from. It’s fantastic, it sounds like a great story. Someone threw up on me in fifth grade. That was the last time it happened. Sherry Piper, while we were square dancing. Trafalgar Elementary School. Yeah, that was the last time.”

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